101 before 30

I will turn thirty on November 1, 2016 – which is 884 days from today (May 30, 2014).  This completely and totally freaks me out.  I can’t be THIRTY.  In my head, I am still a teenager.  I’m not a millionaire yet (I hoped to be one by the time I was thirty).  I haven’t traveled the world (in fact, I haven’t been on a vacation since my wedding almost 4 years ago).  I don’t own a house (we rent).  I don’t have a body like Gwenyth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston or Blake Lively.  I don’t own a Chanel handbag.  I don’t have a life plan….
So I decided I would make a 101 things in 1001 days (which will actually be 884 since I want to do it before I turn 30).  Therefore I am calling this my 101 things before 30 List… I debated on whether I wanted to blog about it, but I decided to do it since I feel like it holds me more accountable. Plus you never know who I might inspire to join me in making a list, or who might want to help me mark something off my list!
So here it is!
1. Come up with 101 things – believe it or not, this was super challenging (I worked on it for over a week) May 2014
2. Watch my husband graduate from Law School May 2015
3. Buy a house July 2014, June 2016
4. Finish hanging things in our house
5. Clean out and organize my closet
7.  Celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary in a big way (June 9, 2015)
8.  Upgrade my Adobe Creative Suite software January 2016
9. Get some good pictures of the hubs, me and our dogs
10. Find a skin care routine
11. Organize computer files
12. Get new glasses
13. Figure out what a Roth IRA or IRA is and possibly set one up
14. Do something every day that scares me
15. Update my phone to iPhone 5 (or whatever is after that) (November 2014)
16. Accept and embrace my shortcomings
17.  Learn to use my Keurig (and actually use it)
18. Invest in 5 classic wardrobe pieces
19. Buy more Loren Hope jewelry (I’m obsessed, what can I say)
20. Have spacious, organized closet (this will come with buying a house) September 2014
Health + Fitness
21.  Get yoga teacher certificationApril 2015
22.  Master yoga poses – compass, firefly, handstand (no wall), 8 angle, lizard, bird of paradise
23. Consistently run in the mornings
24. Get in great shape (run in the mornings, yoga in the evenings)
25. Teach yoga classes
26.  Run 5k (actual race not just running)
27.  Run 10k
28. Run in a Half Marathon
29. Incorporate weights more in my workout – In Progress (BBG)
30. Consciously eat cleaner – In Progress
31. Try a barre class
32. Take a spin class
Fashion/ Blogging
33. Grow my blog, blogging network and friends
34.  Connect with blogger friends in person – Laurel
35.  Attend a blogger conference
36.  Create a Jackson Guide on the blog October 2014
37.  Work with a professional photographer on the blog
38. Become a contributor for a website/ publication/ blog
39.  Start a new series
40. Collaborate with more brands/ bloggers/ businesses
41.  Have my blog featured on another blog/ website/ magazine
42.  Reach 500 FB fans
43.  Style a photoshoot
44.  Attend a NYFW show
45.  Collaborate with a brand I really love for the blog
46. Meet Blair from Atlantic Pacific
47.  Meet a designer in person
48. Have a year long blog theme
49. Attend fashion/brand event
50.  Go to the Beach
51. Go to New York (again)
52. Travel out of the country
53.  Travel to a new state
54.  Go to a Cardinals game (more for the hubs than me)
55. Visit a winery
56.  Have a spa weekend getaway
57.  See Britney in Vegas
58.  Eat Maine Lobster, in Maine
59. Go to Harry Potter World in Orlando
60.  See the Atlantic and pacific ocean
61.  Go to Chicago
62.  Go to Savannah
63.  Go back to Charleston
64.  Go to Dallas
65.  Take a road trip
66.  Go to Mardi Gras
67.  Go on a trip with my best friend Anna
68.  Take our dogs to the beach
Cooking/ Food
69.  Organize my recipes
70.  Take a cooking class
71.  Make pasta with my dad
73.  Learn to make my Mawmaw’s chicken and potatoes
74.  Learn to make my dad’s spaghetti gravy
75.  Grill Pizza
76.  Go to a horse race and wear a big hat
77.  Take an art class
78.  Have a movie marathon with the hubs New Year’s Day 2015
79.  Get a pair of Jack Rogers sandals
80.  Throw a party
81.  Do 5 Pinterest DIYs
82.  Get new pair of Kate Spade Shoes Christmas 2014
83.  Get monogrammed Chuck Taylors July 2014
84.  Go indoor camping (tent in the den) with hubs and pups
85.  See James Taylor live with my mom
86.  See the Nutcracker (again) with my mom and grandmother December 2015
87.  Ice Skate outside
88.  Start painting again
89. Go on an adventure with the hubs and the dogs
90. Go to DryBar (or similar place) and get a blow outColorize Hair Studio Blow Out
91. Go Apple Picking
92. Go to a Memphis Grizzlies game with my parents and husband November 2015
93.  Rewatch Gossip Girl (I still haven’t watched the last few episodes…)
94.  Go to 5 concerts (not including Britney) – Billy Joel March 2016, Jennifer Nettles May 2016
95.  Go sailing
96.  Attend a taping of the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon (and possibly attack him )
97. Spend a day doing things I’ve never done
98. Blog about some of the things on my list
99.  Inspire someone else to write a list
100.  Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished
101. Celebrate my 30th birthday in a fun way