Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crazy, Stupid Love Review


I don't really do movie reviews normally (since I don't see many movies) but this one I really wanted to talk about.  My mom and I went to see Crazy, Stupid Love the other day.  I had been told it was really good (by a guy... a straight guy), so I was excited to see it.


It wasn't just good... it was AWESOME!!  SO so funny!  First of all, I love Steve Carrell.  I love him in the Office.  I love him in Dan in Real Life.  I just find him to be so likable.  And that Ryan Gosling... WOW.  Just, wow.  


Did I mention Emma Stone is adorable in it?  

I vote Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling should be together in real life.  They are super cute together.

So go see it.  Drop everything and go see it now.  When it was over, I wanted to immediately watch it again (and not just because of that hunk).

Have you seen Crazy, Stupid Love?  Did you LOVE it?  If you didn't, maybe don't tell me.  It will make me real sad.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zara Love

Exciting news my fashion loving friends!  According to InStyle, Zara is going to make shopping online available coming this fall!  Starting Sept 7th, those of us not fortunate enough to have a Zara near by can be a click away from the lovely clothing and shoes being ours! Adorable clothes and fairly reasonably priced? I know I'm excited!

So here is a little sneak peek at some of their newest items...

And the shoes!!!

Let the shopping begin!  Now if only Club Monaco and H&M could do the same! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Graduate

This past weekend, my little baby puppy graduated from puppy school (although I'm not so sure he deserved to graduate)...

First he had to show his tricks he can do- like sit, stay, down, and watch.  *I always make sure he is in his bowtie at school, but one time I couldn't go to class and Charlie took him and forgot his bowtie.  I was mortified.  

Then he got to put on his graduation cap

Scouty and his trainer

Then Charlie made him sit a bunch so I could get a good picture

He had some issues keeping his hat on

Doesn't he look handsome?

Unlike his brother, Scout doesn't pose for the camera, or even acknowledge it.
Modeling is not in his future. 
My little graduate!  I just noticed how his tail moves so fast that it is blurry in all the pictures...
After graduation, my parents and grandmother came over for dinner (umm but not in celebration of the graduation... we aren't that weird).  But Scout did get a hold of a pan of fried okra that was up on the counter, part of Charlie's steak and a roll.  The roll he just nabbed right in front of everyone off Charlie's plate.  Now do you see why he may not have deserved to graduate?  I never thought Buddy would be the well behaved dog, but compared to Scout he is!


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