Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making Plans

Two things that I really love are school supplies and monograms (I recently chased after a girl leaving my yoga class because I needed to know about her monogrammed yoga mat).  I love to buy new school supplies.  I love notebooks, markers, colored sharpies, binders... I love to organize them and use them.  One of my favorite things is writing on the first page of a new notebook.  I still beg for notebooks, etc., when we are at Target. When Charlie went to go get his new school supplies, I offered to go (hoping I would get something too!) but he went while I was at work, knowing exactly why I wanted to go with him (this may sound crazy, but totally and completely true).

One of my favorite items in the school supply category are the planners.  When I was starting my freshman year of high school, a friend and I spend an entire weekend designing our own planners for the year (plain notebook, lots of markers).  I loved getting my agenda for the year for assignments, football game schedules, social activities... I STILL love having a planner with everything in it.  I like to write everything down and see my week (and month).  No Iphone calendars for me, thanks. I like my planners.

So recently I have been wanting a new planner. I currently have the kate spade agenda for 2012 (which was free and I am thinking about framing some of the pictures in it), but I really want one that starts now and goes through 2013 (oh yeah, I also like to change planners sometimes...).  I've also really been wanting one with my monogram (naturally).

I've heard a lot about the Erin Condren Planners.  People totally rave about them.  They are super cute AND it can have the monogram but it is $50 +!  That is a lot of money for a planner that I may want to change out half way through 2013...

This is the one I would choose.  Colorful, bright and monogrammed.

I was also looking at this one:

It isn't monogrammed, but it does have one of my favorite Lilly prints (you gotta regatta).  Plus it's LILLY!  And half the price of the Erin Condren planner.  (Speaking of Lilly, there is an AMAZING sale going on right now and I want everything).

I like the ones that have weekly pages AND a monthly calendar page.  Also, super girly, cute and fun.

So do you have a planner?  What brand is it?  Do you have any suggestions for me?

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  1. HAHA i just bought a crap little planner at Staples (thanks, work card!) and it's serving my purposes. Maybe I'll just white out and sharpie to make a monogram on it, since I've been married 2.5 years and still have NO MONOGRAMMED ITEMS!!!



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