Thursday, October 11, 2012

#2 Pencil in skirt, that is.  I'llbe honest- I've always been more of an A-line, full skirt kind of girl.  They hide my hips and rear.  Plus pencil skirts always seemed a bit boring for me.

But this past summer, I purchased the cutest red and white striped skirt from J.Crew (see here) and I loved it.  I found I could wear it so many different ways and felt really great in it.  It looked great with a chambray skirt, I could do heels, flats, whatever.  Love it.

Then I got this little one from Banana...

via- On sale now! 

I recently wore it with a white t-shirt, pink heels and a pink Bauble Bar necklace.

Love my J.Crew bright pink heels!! They were kind of a steal!

And I loved it too.  So now I have decided that adding more pencil skirts to my collection is essential.  I have seen the light and am ready to grow in my pencil skirt love.

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How are you wearing pencil skirts this fall?


  1. Ooh I looooove pencil skirts. I have to be pretty formal at work and it's SO hard to find pants that fit me, so it's basically pencil skirts all the time. I've been eyeing that lace one from BR... I might order it when they have 40% off day next Wednesday!

  2. I love pencil skirts too. Your pink shoes are OMG!!!



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