The Academy of Blogging Awards

I always loved the Academy Awards.  Even though I generally have never seen any of the movies, I still love watching!  The beautiful dresses, the jewelry.  I will admit, sometimes I watch E! on the Red carpet and then don’t actually watch the show…

This year, I don’t really know who is nominated and I am sure I haven’t seen the movies (the last thing I saw was Harry Potter, and before that I don’t even know).

But In honor of the Academy Awards, I thought we should have our own Oscars!  The Bloggies!  Nominate your favorite blogs for the different categories, and on Sunday the 27th (same day as the Oscars) I’ll announce the winners!  (hopefully this will be popular and not a flop!)

Winners will receive lovely award buttons to display to the world.

The Categories:
Best Picture(s)- the best photography
Best Comedy-  funny blogger
Best Supporting Cast –  husbands, boyfriends, children, pets
Best Costumes –  most fashionable blogger/ best fashion posts
Best Food-  the best recipes
Best DIY- crafts, decorating, etc
Best Blogger in a Leading Role-  most likeable blog writer
Best Blog-  the best blog overall- good pics

You can either post your nominations here, or if you don’t want the world to know who you voted for, you can email them to me at

I’d love for everyone to post about the Bloggie awards!  And here is a button to go along with it!

I can’t wait to see who you nominate!


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  1. says

    There are many, many more that I love, but these are the ones I thought of off the top of my head. If i left someone out, don’t judge me…I’m half asleep. :-)

    Best Picture(s)-

    Best Comedy –

    Best Supporting Cast – Mr. Puma! His wife’s blog is over at, but he contributes and has his own food blog, too!

    Best Costumes – who else but the Fasionable Wife, duh!


    Best DIY-

    Best Blogger in a Leading Role-

    Best Blog-

  2. says

    Great idea Nikki and I LOVE the button! Here are my nominations:

    Best Comedy – Cole @ He’s hilarious and does DAILY postings that make me laugh.

    Best Supporting Cast – Andrea’s Steady Stream of Chatter @ Her boyfriend Mitch, stories of teaching and her recent experiences at dog-training classes are EPIC.

    Best DIY – Julie @ Her daily design inspirations are…well INSPIRING! Plus, she sells cool vintage Mad-Men-like stuff on Etsy.

    Best Blogger in a Leading Role & Best Blog – K-Money @ I just ADORE reading her stories about teaching and how she spends her time off eating salads with hidden spiders and dressing up for Rocky Horror.

    Best Pictures – Nikki @ Love all your pictures of Buddy!

    I wrote a posting about the awards to help spread the word!!

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