Book Review: A Stranger In The House

A Stranger In The House


A Stranger in the House is the second thriller by Shari Lapena. I was really excited after I finished The Couple Next Door to find out that she had a new book coming out really soon. The Couple Next Door was fantastic, so I was anxious to read this one.


Tom and Karen Krupp seem to have a pretty perfect life. They have only been married about 2 years, and live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood.  Tom has a good job, and Karen works part time. They seem to have it all from the outside.


Everything changes when Tom comes home one night and finds Karen’s car is gone and his house unlocked. His wife appears to be missing. She left in the middle of making dinner, didn’t take her purse or her cell phone. Soon, the police show up at Tom’s house telling him that a woman who had no identification was in a wreck driving a car registered to him in a bad area of town. She was driving erratically and running red lights, which doesn’t sound like Tom’s wife at all. In fact, he is convinced that it isn’t Karen. When he goes to the hospital, he discovers it is Karen, and that she can’t remember why she left the house or where she has been.


The cops suspect something is up with Karen – she was in the worst part of town, driving erratically, and conveniently can’t remember a thing. And as the police continue to dig`, more is discovered and secrets are revealed. And with so many secrets, it is hard to trust anyone.


I am going to be honest – I was a little disappointed in this one… until the end. That is all I am going to say. There were several twists and turns, but you finish and go WHAT??!! Crazy ending. This was a really good thriller with lots of suspense. I love it when they have a huge twist!


Have you read A Stranger In The House? Or have you read The Couple Next Door? I highly recommend them both if you like thrillers!


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