Book Review: Tuesday Nights in 1980

Tuesday Nights In 1980


I recently finished reading Tuesday Nights in 1980. I happened to see it at Target, and I remembered seeing someone post that they really liked it (I think it was Grace from The Stripe). So I decided to give it a try. I had never heard of it before, but I typically like a lot of the same books that she does, so why not? I didn’t even read the back.


I wouldn’t say this would be my typical read, kind of like The Alice Network (although that one was even less typical). But I really enjoyed it. I have always thought of myself of having a pretty broad range when it comes to picking books, but I think I need to be even broader since I have now read two non-typical books for me back to back and really enjoyed them both.


Tuesday Nights in 1980 centers around the art scene in SoHo in New York City in 1980. It really focuses on three main characters. Engales is an unknown painter from Buenos Aires, who left his sister there during a war and is trying to forget his past. Lucy is has recently moved from a small town to New York and wants to be around the artists (but isn’t an artist). James Bennett is an art critic who experiences things differently than most people – certain things make him see colors (his wife is red) or smell things that aren’t really there, which is why his reviews are so different and becoming so popular. The book begins on New Year’s Eve in 1979, when all three of the main characters’ world intersect. When two unrelated life altering tragedies occur, Engales, James and Lucy must figure out how to pick up the pieces and navigate their new existences while also figuring out how these tragedies affect their relationship with art.


The thing I really loved about this book is the way the three main characters were strangers at the beginning of the book, but they really play a big role in each other’s lives at this time. They are all in the process of trying to find themselves and figure out their place. They are all three a little lost, but these tragedies sort of force their hand to grow and change.


Have you read Tuesday Nights In 1980? If not, I would definitely recommend it!


Have you read anything really good lately? I am always looking for suggestions!


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