Book Review: Into The Water

Into The Water Book Review


Looking for a really good psychological thriller? I have got a GREAT one for you! Into the Water was written by Girl on the Train author Paula Hawkins, and it certainly is just as good as Girl on the Train.


When author and single mother Nel Abbott turns up dead in the local “Drowning Pool”, history is dredged up and secrets begin to emerge. Nel and her sister Jules grew up in the small town, which has a history of women drowning in the river, one specific spot being called the “Drowning Pool.” Nel’s daughter, Lena, had a friend who also died in that same pool months prior to Nel’s death. Nel’s sister Jules comes to handle her affairs and take care of her niece Lena and learns that Nel was writing a history of the Drowning Pool. It quickly becomes clear that there is a lot more going on than it seems.


The book jacket says, “Beware a calm surface – you never know what lies beneath.” And that really sums it up! I could not put this down. I read most of it when we were on our vacation, but finished the last bit when we got home. It really leaves you guessing. Everyone has secrets, and therefore it makes everyone suspicious. Plus it ends with a really good twist!


Note – the book has a LOT of characters and is told from several points of view, so make sure you really pay attention to the name of who is narrating the chapter. My mom had a little bit of trouble keeping up with all of the characters (and there really are a LOT). I looked at the reviews on Amazon, as I often do, and a lot of them were negative because there were so many characters. I promise it is excellent, you just have to pay attention.


This was a hard one for me to summarize. There was a lot of different characters and a lot going on, so I apologize if this isn’t the best. But you should just go read it!




On another note – I read a thread on Twitter, and I wanted to comment on it here. It was something along the lines of how can bloggers love every book that they read?


So I wanted to address this. It wasn’t directed at me, and it actually wasn’t even someone that I follow. But I did want to mention it in case anyone else wondered why I love every book I read. The truth is – I don’t. I am really easily entertained so I like a lot of books. But I don’t love everything I read. I only review books that I love and would recommend that others read. I don’t want to waste my time telling you about a book I didn’t like and don’t think you should read! The only time I might do this is if there was a book that everyone loved and I didn’t, and I just really didn’t understand the hype. Even then I probably wouldn’t write about it. That would probably be a Twitter conversation. If I am writing about a book, it means I think it is worth reading. If there is a book I don’t like, I will usually post it on my Instagram stories. No books are sent to me for review, so it is always my honest opinions. So that is that!


Have a great day!


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