Budget Best: Entry Way

I love a great entry way. I think it should make a statement when you walk into a home no matter what you style of home decor is. If you are coming through the front door, the entry way is the first thing guests will see, so why not wow them!


There are several ways you can update your entry hall without spending a lot. Little touches can make a big difference. Of course, half of my house is from Target, so it is my go to for great budget items. Plus, I don’t feel bad when in a year or so I decide I want to change it up.


Budget Best Entry Hall

Mirror / Pineapple Print / Abstract Print / Ginger Jar / Candle / Door


I think all of these things can make a big difference in an entry way. We just painted our front door, so there will be a post about that later this month. Adding some color to an entry way makes it feel really cheerful and inviting. It has taken a little getting used to, but I am amazed at the difference in our entry hall with the door painted!


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