Budget Best: Christmas Decor

It is almost time to deck the halls! We always decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving, which has been a tradition in my family since I was little. As soon as Thanksgiving was over, my mom and I would break out the Christmas decorations (and my dad was forced against his will to hang Christmas lights).


Last year, all of my Christmas decorations were packed away in complete disarray. I didn’t know where anything was, and I just didn’t have the energy to go through it all at the time, so I bought a few new things and went with it.


There are SO many cute Christmas decorations, and you don’t have to spend a lot! Some of my favorite places are Target (of course!), Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Anthropologie. The Anthropoligie stuff is a little more expensive but I love how whimsical it all is.


Holiday Decor on a Budget

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


I love this set of vintage inspired ornaments. They would mix in well with just about any ornaments.


Boxwood wreaths are so festive for the holidays! They look adorable everywhere. I hung a small one from my barcart last year and it looked really cute.


This hanging moss JOY sign would look great on a door or in a window.


I love plaid for the holidays, and this red and white stocking is so cute from the new Magnolia Hearth & Hand line. There are several different stockings but this one is my favorite.


This plaid tree skirt is also from the Hearth & Hand collection. It is super cute and festive!


Of course you have to have some holiday scents going on! This one is balsamic and white oak. (This vanilla birch one sounds pretty yummy too).


I got a similar set of glasses a few years ago, and they look so cute on my bar cart. I’ll be talking more about decorating my bar cart in the December newsletter going out next week. Sign up for emails at the bottom of the post to get it.


Festive placemats are a great way to make your table feel more like the holidays. I love these with the colorful trees.



Monday I’ll be posting my big gift guide, so get ready! I decided to do 1 giant gift guide post this year so everything would be in one place. Also, I’ll be posting favorite sale items this weekend on my Facebook and Twitter.


Want more holiday content? Check out my festive fashion post. And I just created a new Holiday Pinterest Board where I’ll share some holiday recipes, fashion, home decor and gifts.

Budget Best: Bathrooms

I am just going to say it – bathrooms are EXPENSIVE. Our master bathroom is a disaster. The walls are 2 different colors (mint green and teal). The actual walls are messed up – parts are textured, almost like there was textured wallpaper and only part of it was taken down. The tub and the shower could really stand to be replaced. I hate the floors. I don’t love the cabinet counter tops. We have 2 sinks, and the faucets don’t match.


I had grand plans to redo the whole bathroom – replace the tub and shower, put in new floors, remud the walls and paint, redo the cabinets, replace all the lighting, put tile on part of the walls (so the walls don’t get wet by the tub). But, as I said, redoing a bathroom is insanely expensive. Realistically, doing all of this could cost $40,000. This is not an exaggeration, and not something we could even think about doing right now.


The good news is that if you are like me, you can make some smaller changes without gutting the whole thing and it will make a big difference! I am planning a mini makeover for our bathroom. This project will be after we complete the screened in porch and the kitchen… which feels like it could be years before those are done!


So here are some ways you can make major improvements in your bathroom on a budget.


Bathrooms on a budget


Bathroom on a budget

You don’t have to replace your cabinets, you just need to give them a little facelift. Giving them a fresh coat of paint will make a huge difference. Beyond that, switch out the hardware and maybe update the faucets.

faucet / hardware


Bathroom on a budget

This is going to be more expensive, but upgrading your builder grade mirrors to something nicer (or even adding a frame around your builder grade mirror) can make a big difference. When we were selling our house in Jackson, our realtor kept trying to get us to either replace our mirror or add a frame around it. I am hoping to go from 1 large mirror to 2 smaller mirrors for our bathroom.

mirror 1 / mirror 2 / mirror 3


Bathroom on a budget

Add some color with a nice shower curtain and hand towels. Target always has really cute ones that match and won’t blow your budget.

Towel 1Shower Curtain / Towel 2


Bathroom on a budget

Add small rug (or mat) in front of your sink (or sinks) to make the bathroom a little more inviting.

Rug 1 / Rug 2 / Rug 3


Bathroom on a budget

This may seem a little odd to say accessories, but add a tray with nice soap, a candle and lotion to make your bathroom feel a little luxurious, especially in a guest bathroom. Guests really appreciate those little touches. I also have a frame in my guest bathroom (which to be honest I have yet to put a picture in it). Just because it is a bathroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t have accessories!

tray / lotion pump / candle


Bathroom on a budget

I really hate clutter, especially on the bathroom counters. Purchase some matching storage baskets or boxes so that everything is put away. We all have stuff, but it can be either tucked away or displayed neatly. Cute storage goes a long way.

compartment / basket / canister



If you do all of these things, or even some of them, I promise they will make a big difference in the overall look. Plus is won’t cost you an arm and a leg like a full remodel will!


Budget Best: Entry Way

I love a great entry way. I think it should make a statement when you walk into a home no matter what you style of home decor is. If you are coming through the front door, the entry way is the first thing guests will see, so why not wow them! Even if you don’t have a large, impressive entry way (we certainly don’t), there are plenty of things that you can do.


There are several ways you can update your entry hall without spending a lot. It is amazing how the little touches can make such a big difference. Of course, half of my house is from Target, so it is my go to for great budget items. Plus, I don’t feel bad when in a year or so I decide I want to change it up.


Entry Hall Updates on a budget

Mirror / Pineapple Print / Abstract Print / Ginger Jar / Candle / Door


I think all of these things can make a big difference in an entry way. We just painted our front door, so there will be a post about that later this month. Adding some color to an entry way makes it feel really cheerful and inviting. It has taken a little getting used to because it has been a little bit of a shock, but I am amazed at the difference in our entry hall with the door painted!


Depending on what sort of space you have, I love adding a little bench or a long narrow table in an entry hall. And this isn’t something you need to spend much on either. Target, IKEA, Wayfair and Home Goods are all great places to find pieces like that for not too much money. And you can always give it a little facelift if it isn’t exactly what you want. Like I said, a little paint (or some cushions) can really go a long way!


One other thing – don’t be afraid to get personal, even in your entry way. When it comes to framed pictures, I love seeing actual family or wedding pictures. And I think adding those personal touches make a space that more inviting and homey (but not in a bad way!). So definitely make your entry way warm and inviting with those personal touches.

Five Home Updates

I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything home decor, but since we have been spending so much time on the Hodum Fixer Upper, I feel like I have learned a few things. I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at home decor, reading HGTV magazine, looking at Pinterest for home inspiration, trying to maximize our budget any way I can. I also spend a lot of time looking at stores online, trying to find things that won’t blow our budget (I mean, who really needs a $700 lamp?) Home updates can be really expensive!


Small things can make a big impact on a room. Easy, inexpensive updates can really breathe new life into a space and make it feel fresh. So even if you don’t have a big budget, but you feel like you need a little refresh, you can absolutely do it! Today, I am sharing five ways you can inexpensively update a room.


Easy Home Updates


Shop below for some of my favorite home updates:




I really feel like all of these can make a big impact on a room. When we finally were able to put our area rug down in our living room, it made the room feel so much more complete. And it is amazing what a difference adding a little artwork on the walls can make. It makes a space go from feeling a little cold, to warm and cheerful. And of course I love books. You can NEVER have too many books, in my opinion. We keep having to buy more bookcases to house all of our books.


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Colorful Front Doors


In this episode of “All the Things I want to do to our Fixer Upper,” we are talking about the front of the house. I am going to be completely honest – I hate the front of our house (well, that isn’t the only thing I hate, but anyway). First of all, I like big front porches. Ours has a tiny landing type area.The house is up on top of a hill, and there are lots of trees and it is really dark. Plus (this may come as a surprise, given the shape of the house when we bought it) the people who lived here before us didn’t take care of the front (or back… or the inside…). And we have been focusing on the inside, you know where we live, so the outside has really been on the back burner.




So, it is my goal this spring to brighten it up. I want get some cute planters with colorful flowers for near our front door, and we are transplanting some azaleas from our back yard to the front to give the front some color.


Another thing I am planning to do – paint our front door. I love houses with colorful front doors! Ours is black. Black works great for some houses, but it just makes ours darker.














I am planning on doing it a pastel, probably somewhere between teal and mint green. I bought a small rug for our entry hall, so I want to match that but go about 4 shades lighter (I am painting the inside of the door too to give our entry hall some fun color).


So what do you think about colorful front doors? What color is your front door?