Awesome Activewear + Wellness 2018

A new year means everyone is making those New Year’s resolutions, and a lot of them include getting in shape. I had a request for a post on cute sweats, so I thought now was the perfect time for that.


I am not a resolutions maker, but I am hoping to be able to start adding some exercise back into my routine after being sidelined with a hip / knee injury for the better part of 2017. Overall wellness is definitely going to be a focus for me this year. Unfortunately I am going to have to take it really, really slow on the exercise front. I am just going to have to play that one by ear.


I find it is a lot easier to hit the gym when I look cute. It is an instant mood booster, in my opinion. Sure I can get the job done is ratty sweats with holes in them, but I think I can get it done BETTER in something cute and possibly colorful. I know it is all mental, but that is half the battle when you are working out!


But whether you are hitting the gym or just the couch, I think cute activewear is important. These are a few things that are on my wishlist. And with so many great options, why not pick up a few pieces for the new  year?


Fashionable Activewear


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


Some of my favorite brands for workout clothes are Lululemon and J. Crew x New Balance. I also like Athleta a lot. I know those are on the pricier end, but Target and Old Navy also have really great fitness collections at a super reasonable price!


I have last year’s version of the navy and white striped pants, and I love them. They are super comfortable, great for working out, yoga, running, or running errands. I highly recommend them (and they are on sale!).


For even more activewear picks, see below:



I am liking the idea of maybe doing some overall wellness – themed posts here, since it is a primary focus of mine for 2018. Not too many, maybe just some check ins, etc. Maybe we could turn it into some sort of accountability / challenge. I’d love to know your thoughts and if this is something that might interest you. Let me know!


So with that in mind,  I have a challenge for you for the month of January – set 1 wellness goal. Make it a small, super achievable goal. Maybe it is that you just go for a short walk once a week. Maybe it is that you bring your lunch more times than you eat out during the week. Whatever it is, set 1 goal. Focus on that one goal. It will make it so much easier if you set 1 goal that is achievable (not like, I want 6 pack abs next week).


My 1 goal for the month is to start attempting a few workouts. With my hip still not at 100%, my workouts will have to be short and easy because I obviously don’t want to take a step backwards, but it will be a start. I’ll be sharing more on my workouts and wellness on my Instagram stories, so if you want more, follow along @nikkihodum.


Now, what is going to be your 1 goal for the month of January? Let me know, and tell me your thoughts on some wellness posts around here!


So are you setting wellness / fitness goals for 2018? If so, what are they? If not, what other resolutions are you making?


If you are looking for more fitness posts, check these out:

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October Fitness Recap

Fitness Recap


A quick health update – I have been going to physical therapy for the past 5 weeks (2x a week), and I am feeling better! If you don’t know, I have been having knee problems since April. When I met with my physical therapist, she evaluated me and believes that it is my hip that is the problem not actually my knee. Apparently your muscles can get knots in them, and I have really large knots in my quad muscles up by my knee, which is making the muscles super tight and putting so much pressure on my knee.


We have been doing a lot of strengthening and stretching, as well as some dry needling, which is kind of like acupuncture. They put a long, thin, flexible needle in trigger points in my hip and basically wiggle it around until I scream. It is really painful (if you have issues), but I think it has helped. Also the heating pad is my new best friend, and I definitely don’t hate it! I pretty much spend my evenings glued to it.


I’ve still got 5 more physical therapy session to go, but I am really hoping to be done after that. Obviously I will be taking my workouts really slow for a while, once I am able to start back.




One thing that I need to focus on in strengthening my glutes. My physical therapist told me it will help the front if the back is stronger.


I’ve done a quick at home arm workout, a quick at home ab workout, and a quick at home HIIT workout. Since I need to work on my glutes (when I get back to working out), I thought a quick at home leg workout would be good.


At Home Leg Workout


I can’t tell you how anxious I am to get back to exercising, even if it is just a little bit, which it obviously will be for a long time. Although at this point I am just happy that I am in a lot less pain and moving in the right direction. I can now clean my house without nearly being in tears by the end, and I can climb the stairs at work without almost screaming. I call that progress!

September Fitness Recap

September Fitness Recap


A quick update on the knee: Another month has passes and I still have the knee pain. I finally got in to get a second opinion, had a cortisone shot (which was horribly painful and made me really, really sick), had an MRI, and as it turns out, there is nothing wrong. I’ve had knee pain for 6 months, and they can’t find anything wrong. Needless to say, I am beyond frustrated. I am going to physical therapy a few times starting tomorrow, but I think they are basically sending me to physical therapy because they don’t know what else to do. I am just ready to get better and stop being in pain.


Moving on … while I was doing BBG, I came up with a quick workout that I could do at home, and it only requires a jump rope. It started because I was having issues last summer because it was SO hot which made running outside impossible, but we didn’t have a treadmill yet (and I don’t belong to a gym). I was having problems getting my cardio / HIIT in (with BBG, you need to do 2 – 3 cardio workout per week). So I made something up. It took me about 20 – 25 minutes to complete it. And for me, it is great when I want to get a quick workout in that involves a little bit of everything in it, when I wanted to do a little something different, or when I wanted to challenge myself more & extend my workout.


At Home HIIT Workout


I would do 2 sets of this workout, and do it as quickly as you can (while keeping good form of course). Between each exercise, you jump rope 50 times. If you don’t have a jump rope (or don’t have room to jump rope), you can either pretend jump rope or you can do something like jumping jacks instead. You just want something to get your heart rate up! If you need to make it easier, cut back on the jumping rope and cut in half the other exercises. And if you want to make it harder (or have more cardio), just increase the amount of jumping rope you are doing.


Hopefully next month my fitness recap will actually include me DOING something fitness related. Fingers crossed physical therapy helps because I don’t know what I am supposed to do otherwise.


August Fitness Recap

J. Crew New Balance Workout Outfit

Shoes: New Balance (similar); Pants: J. Crew x New Balance (blue stripe / solid pink); Sports Bra: Under Armour (solid)

Every month, I hope that my next month’s fitness recap will be better. I hope that my knee will be doing better, that I have been able to get back on track. I would love to say that my knee is doing so much better. It was getting better, very very very slowly. But it is now back to really bothering me. If you don’t remember, I had a knee injury in April, and it just hasn’t gotten better. My knee cap isn’t tracking right, and it is rubbing the cartilage, which is causing me a lot of discomfort / pain. I have been wearing my brace, doing my exercises, and now I seem to be back to square 1. I am in the process of trying to get a doctor’s appointment with a different doctor for a second opinion. Note – this has been incredibly difficult and frustrating. Who knew it was so incredibly difficult to get a second opinion. I keep hearing that they will look at my records and “decided” about an appointment. Shouldn’t I be the one to decide if I want a second opinion? But I am hoping to be able to go to the doctor next week. I pretty much had a nervous breakdown on the phone with a doctor’s office.


Up until about 2 weeks ago, I was doing my “easy” arm work out that I posted about last month, along with an ab workout that I came up with, which also involves absolutely no knees. I am not sure why I called them easy, because they really aren’t. I think my thought process was because it was at home and didn’t require much equipment. But I promise it is a pretty good little work out! So I thought I would share my “easy” at home ab workout today. The whole thing usually takes me about 20 – 25 minutes.


At Home Ab Workout


I do 2 sets of this workout. If my knee was healthy, I would add bicycle crunches, mountain climbers and a plank at the end, but at this point I don’t think that is the best idea. Honestly, right now I am not doing anything just to try to keep it happy. For the last one, I was using a 5 lb weight, but when I went up with my arm weights to 8lbs, I went up on this one too. I keep the weight stretched out over my head the whole time, and I am so sore after those!


I hope to report something better next month!

July Fitness Recap

J. Crew New Balance Work Out

Pants: J. Crew x New Balance; Shoes: New Balance; Tank: Under Armour


Another month has passed, and my fitness hasn’t progressed much. I talked about my knee problems in June (and in May). I am finally making some very small improvements, but it will be a while before I can get back to running and BBG.


For now, I am doing what I can, which isn’t a lot. I am doing light arms & abs workouts about 3 days a week and trying to walk a little. I am only walking about 0.25 mi right now just because I don’t want a set back, but I am happy to do that without pain. I hope to walk a little more this month!


So today I am sharing my easy arm workout. I have been doing 3 sets of 12 with 5lb weights (I use 5lb for BBG and it was all I had). I just bought 8 lb weights, so those will probably kill me. Maybe by the time my knee is in good shape, I will have great arms!


At Home Arm Workout


These are all exercises that use no knees at all which is what I have to do right now. I can’t wait add things like lunges and squats back in the mix! If I were able to use my knee, I would definitely add push ups to this. I am planning on also adding some bench presses to the mix as well soon. I have slowly added on exercises, since I am really trying to take it easy and not make my knee worse. I know these don’t involve my knee, but I just don’t want to take a step backwards!


I googled to make sure you could find these easily if you weren’t sure. The only thing I can’t find is the waitress pulls, which is something we used to to in my sculpt yoga class. You hold your arms out straight, fists up, at about a 45 degree angle. Then pull your arms in, elbows bent and pulled in tight to your side. Then straighten them out again and repeat.


How are your fitness goals going? Hopefully better than mine!