Embroidered White Dress

white embroidered dress 2


I am finally posting the first of my vacation outfits. I got this dress at J. Crew factory  (this was the dress that started the great shopping spree of Memorial Day). I love it for summer. The embroidery is so bright and cheerful. It give just enough color to take this LWD up a notch.


summer white dress


More importantly, IT HAS POCKETS. And you know, that is the most important thing. It was funny, the other day, I told someone I work with that I liked her dress. Her immediate response was, “Thanks, it has pockets.” It was so funny, because that it is always what I always say when I have a dress on with pockets. It makes a dress 100x better!


summer straw bag


I saw this really funny thing on Twitter the other day – I have no idea who said it and I don’t even remember exactly what it was, but basically someone (a woman, natch), said I’ll be buried in my favorite dress & someone will comment that it is cute, and from beyond the grave they will hear, “Iiiittttt hhhhaaaaasssss pppoooooccccckkkkkkeeeetttttssss” (like you know, a ghost voice). I thought it was hilarious, and sadly true.


little white dress

Dress: J. Crew Factory; Shoes: Target; Bag: Zara


So the moral of the story is cute dress + pockets = purchase ASAP. What can I say, I am super good at math  :)


Have a great day!

Accessory Assist


It is amazing how accessories can transform an outfit. You can have the most basic outfit, but add some fun accessories, and it can be a complete game changer.


Accessories can be super important, especially if you have limited wardrobe options or a limited budget. A pair of shoes and a necklace can really make a difference. And accessories don’t have to be expensive! There are a lot of fun items that won’t break the bank.




Here are some of my favorite accessories:

Striped Blazer

Navy Striped Blazer 1


Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was fairly quiet – ran some errands, cleaned, cooked, laundry, the usual. Does everyone else feel like they pretty much spend their weekends getting ready for the week? Saturdays we usually spend doing house fixer upper stuff and I grocery shop for the week. Sunday is cleaning, cooking laundry, etc. And then suddenly, it is Monday again.


Navy Striped Blazer 2


Navy Striped Blazer 3


Confession – I have had this blazer and dress for a really, really long time. I know I have had the blazer for 10 years, and I am pretty sure I have had the dress that long too. But they are such great staple pieces, and I found some similar pieces 10 year later, so that must be saying something, right?


Navy Striped Blazer 4


This is a perfect look for this time of year – the mornings are cool, so the long sleeves are necessary, and as it warms up in the day, you can easily shed the blazer (that won’t happen for me though, because I am super cold natured).


Navy Striped Blazer 5

Blazer: J. Crew (similar / similar); Dress: Splendid (similar); Shoes: Kate Spade (similar); Necklace: Madewell (similar)


Have a great day!

Striped Sweater



Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was … COLD. Remember when it was supposed to be cold, but it was in the 70s? And now it is getting close to spring and it is suppose to be warming up, and I woke up yesterday morning and there was snow on the ground. Not much snow, but still snow. I can’t even keep up any more.





So this is pretty much an “I have no idea what I am suppose to wear any more” look. Lose the tights and it works for spring. Add a scarf and an overcoat and call it winter.



Jacket: Gap (similar); Sweater: Target (similar); Skirt: Gap (similar); Shoes: Kate Spade; Necklace: Target (similar)


I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring.


Have a great day!

Winter is Here


Monday, we meet again. Why do the week days take so long to get through and the weekends are gone in like 1 second?

Winter is definitely here in the south. It was so cold this past weekend, and is going to stay cold all this week. Have I mentioned I hate cold weather? If not, I do. I really do.



Enough about the weather though. Can we talk about this insanely adorable Victoria Emerson wrap bracelet? I am super obsessed. I love that it wraps and the pearls (I’m from the South, I am a pearl kind of girl). I am wearing the rose pearls on brown leather. Make sure you go check out all of the amazing Victoria Emerson bracelets. You are going to love them!


Shirt: Michael Stars (similar); Blazer: Banana Republic (similar); Skirt: J. Crew (similar); Scarf: J. Crew (similar); Boots: Ralph Lauren (similar), Bracelet: c/o Victoria Emerson

Have a great day!