Holiday Styling Tips

Holiday Styling Tips


Are you getting ready for a full calendar of holiday parties? From low key gathering with friends to cocktail and office parties and family get togethers, December is generally a pretty busy month.


It can be a little overwhelming if you have a full social calendar with all the outfit planning. You want to feel festive, but you don’t want to spend a ton on new outfits (or maybe you are like me and you do but that is another post all together…). Luckily there are a few key elements to holiday style that you can quickly incorporate to take you from every day to holiday ready. And they are really easy too.


Holiday Styling Tips

Adding a red lip is a great way to amp up your beauty game and feel a little more festive. I love a red lip any time, but especially for the holidays! I think a brighter red (as opposed to a darker red) is really great. Even the simplest outfit feels holiday ready with a red lip.



Holiday Styling Tips

Is there a better time to dress up than this time of year? Incorporate a little (or a lot) of sparkle to your look like a sequin dress! Whether it is a glitzy necklace or a sequin dress, you can’t go wrong with some sparkle. Even if you aren’t going to a dressy party, pair a sequin piece (like a skirt) with something casual (like a turtleneck or sweater).



Holiday Style Tips


Working a little velvet into your look is another way to make an outfit feel a little more holiday ready. Plus it pairs well with just about anything. Whether it is a simple hair bow or a full dress, velvet is a good choice for the holidays.



Holiday Style Tips


You can’t go wrong with plaid, especially for the holidays. I really can’t get enough of it this time of year. It is perfect for all those parties too! And there are so many great options out there from dresses to tops to accessories.



So those are just a few of my easy holiday styling tips! Do you have any favorite holiday styling tips?


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Over The Knee Boot Styling

Over The Knee Boots Styling


A few years ago, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a pair of over the knee boots. I was a little nervous about it. I had the fear I couldn’t pull them off and I would end up looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (you know, pre-Richard Gere). It helped that I didn’t purchase a patent leather pair, and I don’t wear a newsboy cap, but it was sill a fear.


Over The Knee Boots Styling


Now that I have had them a couple of years, I feel a lot better about them and a lot more confident. Although I have tall black boots, these just feel different – a little edgier, just a little more out there. They are fun to break out and can really make an outfit.


Over The Knee Boots Styling


If you are like me and are a little unsure about them, I’ve got a few things to keep in mind that might help you out.


If you are shopping for your first pair, you might want to start out with a flat boot. I felt a little more comfortable starting with a flat boot. It might just be a mental thing for me, but I felt better starting out with a flat boot. I would love to get a suede heel pair, but right now I only have the one pair.


Over The Knee Boots Styling


Another tip if you are just dipping your toe into the over the knee boot pool is to keep the rest of your look fairly simple. They are the statement piece of your outfit, so you might want to keep your outfit simple.


The good news is that over the knee boots really look great with anything – skirts, dresses, leggings, jeans. Mine are stretchy pull ons, so mine probably would be pretty hard for me to get on with jeans, but a stirrup legging would work perfectly. If you are thinking you would want the option to wear them with jeans, you might want to look for a pair that zip to make it a little easier. Or try a pair that isn’t as stretchy and a little looser so you can get those jeans in.


Over The Knee Boots Styling

Skirt: Target; Jacket: Banana Republic (love this one and this one); T-shirt: Target; Boots: Similar


Here are a few of my suggestions for over the knee boots:

Over The Knee Boots


Over the Knee Boots


Over the Knee Boots


Over The Knee Boots


Over The Knee Boots


Festive Fashion

It is hard to believe, but we are nearing the holiday season. Thanksgiving is next week, and then we are full speed ahead to Christmas.


Although we won’t be decorating until Thanksgiving weekend, it doesn’t mean that I am not starting to think about the Christmas season. There are so many great pieces out right now – lots of plaid, which I love. So many fun, festive pieces at all price points!


So today I’ve got some of my favorite pieces for the holidays. Whether you are planning for a party, family pictures or festive outing, these are some great pieces to pick up! Plus some of them might just work for Thanksgiving as well!


Holiday Fashion


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

This windowpane dress is the cutest! I would wear this starting now and through the New Years (and beyond). It would be so cute with pumps for a dressier look, or boots or booties.


This sweater would be fantastic with a red midi skirt for an office party, or with a sequin skirt for a New Year’s Eve look.


You can’t get much more festive than a red dress! A fit and flare dress is so flattering, and this would be perfect for Christmas, New Year’s and even Valentine’s Day! If red isn’t your thing, it also comes in black.


This sequin cardigan would be great paired with an LBD, with jeans or just about anything else.


This velvet midi skirt is festive for the holidays, but velvet is so popular this will still look perfect once the decorations have been packed away. This top would look great with it!


As soon as it starts getting cool, I break out the plaid. And I keep wearing it until it gets warm again. But this plaid scarf is perfect for the holidays! I really think I need to add this one to my already ample supply of plaid scarves.


Plaid bow flats! Need I say more? I would be wearing these every where. And wouldn’t they look adorable with that red dress?


If you are looking for a little more sparkle, these Mary Jane flats are just the thing you need! Pair it with just about any color and it would be amazing. And for a casual party, throw these on with jeans and a simple top for a WOW look without a lot of fuss!


And of course, you can’t talk about festive fashion without including some festive pjs! Plaid + flannel is the perfect combo for snuggling up and watching Christmas movies.


So have you starting ordering festive pieces for the holiday season?

Why You Need Riding Boots

Why Riding Boots


If you are going to make an investment purchase for fall and winter, my suggestion is a pair of riding boots. If you don’t have a pair of riding boots, I challenge you to make this your year. They might just change your fashion game.


But I am telling you, splurge on these. There aren’t THAT many things that I am going to tell you that you must splurge on (read more about my splurge vs save thoughts here), but riding boots are an investment piece you will wear for years.


Let me tell you a story to try to convince you – 10 years ago, I saw a pair of amazing Coach boots in a magazine. They were probably close to $400, but I was young and had a lot of babysitting money, so I bought them. My mom thought I had lost my mind. She couldn’t believe I would spend so much on a pair of boots. Of course, when they arrived, she fell in love with them and threatened to steal them from me until I bought her a pair of Frye boots of her own. I still wear those exact same Coach boots to this day. That is 10 years of wear and tear, and let me tell you, I wear them a lot. At least twice a week from (depending on the temps) November – February.


So  if that wasn’t enough, here are a few reasons you NEED a pair of riding boots.



They are classics.


Why You Need Riding Boots



Why You Need Riding Boots




Why You Need Riding Boots



Sure, you could look at a ton of celebrities and models who are wearing riding boots today. But Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin were wearing riding boots years and years ago. Riding boots are classic pieces that never go out of style.


They go with just about anything.

Riding boots with a dress? Definitely. Riding boots with a skirt? Absolutely. Riding boots with jeans? Of course. Riding boots with leggings? Why not? They pretty much look good with anything.


They get better with age.

The leather is going to age, and if you take care of them, that leather is only going to look better. The more you wear them, the more of that yummy aged leather look you will get. Plus they will be more comfortable!


They are comfortable.

Riding boots are so comfortable. You don’t have to worry about a heel. They keep your legs nice and warm. Comfort + cuteness is key, my friends.



My suggestion would be to go for a simple, brown pair. Probably one of the best brands for riding boots is Frye. But there are several good ones out there (you can shop my picks below). Just don’t go trendy with these – remember, this is an investment piece you are going to be wearing for years.


The Ultimate Boot Guide

It is that time of year again – boot time! Well, almost anyway. It is still in the high 80s here, so I am not quite ready to break out the boots, but we are getting close.


I really love boots. I remember my first pair of boots. I was in the 8th grade, and a friend of mine came to a dance in her sister’s knee high boots. And as soon as I saw them, I needed my own pair. I loved them. So I got a brown pair and a black pair and wore them for years and years. And then I kept adding to my collection.


You can never have too many pairs of boots, or shoes in general. Last year, I needed to replace one pair, and I ended up with 4 and none of them actually replaced the pair I had worn into the ground.


There are so many different types of boots! So if you are thinking about purchasing a new pair (or a few), this is the post for you! Today is all about boots.


Boot Guide



Booties are great, especially this time of year when it is still warm but you want to break out the boots. They come in all colors and heel heights. I have several pairs in my boot arsenal.


Riding Boots

Riding boots such a classic boot. If you don’t have a pair already, I strongly suggest you invest in one!


Tall Boots

By tall boots, I mean ones that are just below the knee. Again, you can find them in a variety of colors and heel height.


Over the Knee Boots

You may not think you are brave enough for over the knee boots, but once you try them, I don’t think you’ll go back. I love them with tights and a skirt (very Serena van der Wootsen).


Winter Boots

You can’t forget about winter boots! We don’t get much winter weather here in the south, so I stick with my Hunters but there are a lot of great options out there.


Any boots on your wishlist this year? I ordered a pair of booties during the Nordstrom sale that were backordered, and I am still anxiously awaiting their arrival.