Striped Bell Sleeves

Striped Bell Sleeves


If you haven’t noticed, statement sleeves are EVERYWHERE this fall. You might remember, statement sleeves was one of my fall must haves. From sweaters to blouses to tees, it is all about making a statement with sleeves. Not only can you find them in just about any style and material, you can also find them at just about any price point (Target has some really cute ones I saw recently).


Truthfully I wasn’t 100% on board with the bell sleeves at first. It felt SO 60s / 70s (also so early teens for me … anyone else?). But, you know, fashion styles are always being recycled and coming back around so I thought I might as well get on board because they are everywhere right now. There is a lot coming back from those eras in the fashion world, have you noticed? Especially 70s it seems.


Striped Bell Sleeves



Since there are so many styles out there, they really work for anything. The blouse versions are perfect for wearing to the office (and also for layering). The sweaters will be great for the winter. And a t-shirt version like this one works for just about any time. Plus the bell sleeves means you don’t need a lot of other things going on, since they are the focal point.


Striped Bell Sleeves


I got this one from J. Crew a little while back, and I love it. First of all, it is striped, and I love anything striped. Second, it is a thick t-shirt material, which means it is super comfortable. Plus it has these great looking bell sleeves which as so fun. (Side note – it is supposed to be boxy but it also runs big, so I would size down). There is also a cute similar short sleeve version, if the bell sleeves really aren’t your thing.


Striped Bell Sleeves


I love it paired with this skirt, but I also have plans to wear it layered under dresses. It would also be cute with jeans or dressed up with a pencil skirt.



Striped Bell Sleeves

Shirt: J. Crew; Skirt: J. Crew (sold out, but this one is cute); Shoes: Kate Spade (several years old, but these are similar)


So how to do feel about the statement sleeves? More specifically, the bell sleeve trend?

The Ultimate Boot Guide

It is that time of year again – boot time! Well, almost anyway. It is still in the high 80s here, so I am not quite ready to break out the boots, but we are getting close.


I really love boots. I remember my first pair of boots. I was in the 8th grade, and a friend of mine came to a dance in her sister’s knee high boots. And as soon as I saw them, I needed my own pair. I loved them. So I got a brown pair and a black pair and wore them for years and years. And then I kept adding to my collection.


You can never have too many pairs of boots, or shoes in general. Last year, I needed to replace one pair, and I ended up with 4 and none of them actually replaced the pair I had worn into the ground.


There are so many different types of boots! So if you are thinking about purchasing a new pair (or a few), this is the post for you! Today is all about boots.


Boot Guide



Booties are great, especially this time of year when it is still warm but you want to break out the boots. They come in all colors and heel heights. I have several pairs in my boot arsenal.


Riding Boots

Riding boots such a classic boot. If you don’t have a pair already, I strongly suggest you invest in one!


Tall Boots

By tall boots, I mean ones that are just below the knee. Again, you can find them in a variety of colors and heel height.


Over the Knee Boots

You may not think you are brave enough for over the knee boots, but once you try them, I don’t think you’ll go back. I love them with tights and a skirt (very Serena van der Wootsen).


Winter Boots

You can’t forget about winter boots! We don’t get much winter weather here in the south, so I stick with my Hunters but there are a lot of great options out there.


Any boots on your wishlist this year? I ordered a pair of booties during the Nordstrom sale that were backordered, and I am still anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Budget Best: Fall Fashion

I get really excited when the seasons change, and it is always fun to start a new season with a few new pieces. There are so many great trends for this fall! But just because it is a new season, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune getting some of those new trends.


So today’s budget best is all about a few pieces to incorporate into your fall wardrobe that won’t break the bank. You know, I am not about spending a lot of money on trendy pieces. So these are just a few pieces that are super on trend with a super sweet price!


Fall Fashion On A Budget


Plaid Shirtdress : I love plaid for fall. I can never get enough. And you can’t go wrong with a shirtdress. The tie waist makes it super flattering, plus it would be cute with booties, riding boots or with sneakers.


Bell Sleeves : Bell sleeves and statement sleeves are everywhere for fall! This stripes bell sleeve top is really cute, but the bell sleeves aren’t so too big. I love the striped one, but it also comes in white.


Floral Skirt : Dark florals are really in for fall, and I love the texture on this skirt. It could easily be worn to the office with a blazer, or out for a date night (maybe with the white version of the bell sleeve top).


Bag : Pink and red are everywhere for fall. I always really love burgundy for fall. This tote bag is super cute, and I love the bright red strap!


Plaid Skirt : I couldn’t resist including a second plaid piece. This wrap skirt is really versatile, and I love it paired with a graphic tee, denim skirt and sneakers for a weekend look.


Mules : I wrote a whole post about ways to wear mules recently, but if I didn’t convince you, take a look at this pair. They are not only a great color, but it also has the fun knot. Plus they are only $25!


Can you believe EVERYTHING is from Target? Between the Who, What, Wear line and the new A New Day line, Target has got some really amazing fall fashion!

Fall Fashion Must Haves

Now that it is the middle of September, it is time to start really thinking about fall wardrobes! There are a lot of great (and some not so great) fall fashion trends this year. It is funny because several trends are carrying over from the fall. This makes it a little easier to transition, so you can keep incorporating those summer pieces into the fall.


So, today I am talking all about the five fall fashion trends that I am really excited about.


Fall Fashion Must Haves


Fall Fashion Must Haves

Blush pink was everywhere for summer, and it isn’t going anywhere for fall. I am always on board for more pink! And going darker, red is also huge for fall. Burgundy is always a favorite for fall, but don’t forget to add in some bright red, which is always a fun punch of color to mix in with the neutrals.

Coat / Sweater / Skirt


Fall Fashion Must Haves

Plaid is always a favorite print for fall, but it is really everywhere this year – skirts, coats, shirts, sweaters. And all different sizes too large, small, houndstooth, herringbone. Just start stocking up on all things plaid.

Shirt / Skirt / Blazer


Fall Fashion Must Haves

Velvet is another fall favorite, but this year it is even more popular than normal. From shoes to blazers, there are plenty of velvet options.

Blazer / Skirt / Mules


Fall Fashion Must Haves

Remember when I told you not to pack away your florals? Florals are big for fall! Look for florals with a darker background to make them really feel like fall. Or if you don’t want to buy something new, pair your summer florals with fall pieces.

Sweater / Dress / Top


Fall Fashion Must Haves

Bell sleeves, ruffles, embroidered sleeves, sleeves with bows and ties … it is all about making a statement with your sleeves this fall.

Blouse / Sweater / Shirt


The good news is that you can get so many of these trends at a great price, if you aren’t sure if you want to make the plunge. Target’s new collection A New Day has some really great options that I have included!


So tell me, what fall trends are you excited about? I really love all of the sleeves with bows, and plaid is always one of my favorites to break out for fall.

Fall Fashion Transition

Transitioning to Fall Fashion

I mentioned last week that I make a very slow transition into fall with my wardrobe. It will be in the 90s through September here in the South, and it really won’t feel like fall until mid October (if we are lucky).


Transitioning to Fall Fashion


But it makes it hard because you WANT to start wearing fall clothes! The calendar says September, so that means fall! All of the new fall clothes are out, and you may be getting a little tired of your summer wardrobe. I get it. So if you are like me and are looking to slowly transition, I have a few tips for how I do it.


Fall Fashion Transition


Darker colors 

Start reaching for darker colors – think blacks, grays, navy, burgundy, brown. Even if you are still wearing sleeveless dresses, wearing darker colors will help give off a more “fall” vibe. Retire the neons and pastels. Or mix them with the darker colors for an even slower transition!


Fall Fashion Transition

Switch out your handbag

If you are ready to say “hello” to fall, it is time to pack up the fun summer handbags. I love all of the straw bags, but they are really summery. Again, go darker, more neutral – like this one. Or maybe, you want to do a burgundy bag instead of basic black. Blush pink is still in for fall, and that would be a great color for a bag!


Fall Fashion Transition

Open Toe Booties

I talked about transition footwear last week, but I think open toe booties are one of the best ways to start the transition without fully committing. You can absolutely wear them with a sleeveless dress, and since they are open toe, no one will think you are jumping the gun. Confession – I don’t know how people start wearing riding boots when it is still in the 90s. I just can’t. But an open toe bootie I can do! These are perfect with the open toe and they are open on the sides for more ventilation!


Fall Fashion Transition


Leopard always makes an outfit feel a little more like fall. Add a leopard belt to a dress, wear some leopard flats, top just about anything off with a leopard cardigan.


Fall Fashion Transition

Darker Nail Polish 

The easiest way to start updating your look for fall is with darker nail polish. You can opt for a slower transition (bright pinks to reds to burgundy, etc), or jump into a a really dark color immediately! The best news is that the color of your nail polish will not make you sweat any more than any other color, so feel free to make those bad boys as fall-ish as you want! Essie’s Wicked is a great choice for a super dark burgundy.


Fall Fashion Transition

A little bit of layering 

I know it is still hot, and you may not want to start layering, but adding a third piece like a blazer or cardigan over a more summery dress will definitely help transition it into fall. And when the mornings and evenings are cooler but the days are still hot, you will be happy that you did!


So those are just a few ways you can start making your looks feel a little bit more like fall without breaking out the sweaters and riding boots (yet!). And make sure you follow me on Instagram (@nikkihodum). I am going to be sharing some ways to wear your white after Labor Day that makes it feel a little less like summer.


So are you ready for fall? Or are you sad to see summer go?