Tailgating Fashion

Tailgating Fashion


It is college football time, and time to discuss tailgating fashion! I love college football. Actually, to be clear, I love University of Memphis Tiger football. University of Memphis is where my dad and I both graduated, and we are both big fans. I get SO excited about football season, which is funny because my husband doesn’t care about football at all (he also graduated from Memphis). As hard as I have tried to convert him, football just isn’t his thing.


Tailgating Fashion


Tailgating is taken really seriously in the South. I know it is taken seriously everywhere, but people are kind of crazy. It still amazes me to see the big screen tvs set up in the tailgating tents. Also, the food is so elaborate!


Tailgating Fashion


When it comes to tailgating and football fashion, there are really two schools of thought. There are those who dress to the 9s – dresses, heels, all decked out (the South is SEC country). Then there are those that are in jeans, school t-shirt and tennis shoes.


Tailgating Fashion


University of Memphis isn’t an SEC school, and a lot of the fans fall into the jeans and tshirt category. But that really isn’t my thing. I take a middle of the road approach. If I am going to be jumping up and down and cheering for my team (for several hours), I want to be comfortable. Football games are long days, especially if you are tailgating. And let’s be honest, if you are jumping around, heels really aren’t the safest option. BUT I also want to look really cute. Because, as we know, cuteness is really important.


Memphis’s colors are blue and grey, so I of course dress in some form of school colors. To be honest, it is usually more navy and white, since most of my closet is navy and white. Dresses and skirts are most comfortable, and I generally wear my monogrammed Converse sneakers, since there is so much walking and standing involved. During the sunny day games, I often top off the look with my University of Memphis baseball cap.


Tailgating Fashion

Shirt: Target; Skirt: Banana Republic (similar); Shoes: Converse


So who is your college football team? And what is your football style?

Florals for Fall

Draper James Floral Dress


I know florals aren’t groundbreaking for spring, but what about for fall? Probably not groundbreaking either. Florals for all seasons really works, but I did read that fall florals are really going to be big this year. And that is just fine with me!


Draper James Hydrangea Dress


If you have a summery floral dress, it is easy to take it into fall, especially if it has a darker background like this one. First thing – add a pair of fall shoes, like an open toe bootie or a loafer. Next, if it is sleeveless, top it off with a denim jacket, cardigan or blazer. If you want to go further, add a darker lip to really give it that fall feel. When it gets cooler, switch out the booties for riding boots, and maybe throw on a pair of tights. Talk about making your dresses work double (or triple) overtime.


Fall Florals


If you take anything away from this post, make it this – you can absolutely make those summery florals work for fall. The same thing goes for a summery floral skirt or top. It is all about what you pair it with. Just have a little imagination, and experiment.


Florals for Fall

Dress: Draper James (similar); Shoes: Banana Republic (similar)


I just bought this dress a few weeks ago from Draper James. I fell in love with it when it first came out. After it went on sale, I was going to get it, but it sold out. When they had an additional 30% off sale, I checked and it was back. So I had to get it. I love it so much. It is super flattering, and it really works for all seasons. The dark background really makes it perfect for fall, but of course will be great next summer too! And I just love the ruffles. I think it will be really cute with brown riding boots when the temps drop some.


Unfortunately, this dress is sold out now. But the Draper James Southern Living Dress has a similar feel to me. (Reese wore it on the cover of Southern Living for September). And, of course, it is also on my wishlist!

The Midi Skirt

Knotted Blouse and Midi Skirt


If you are looking for an amazing midi skirt, have I got the one for you! This Everlane skirt is the best. It is super comfortable (hello, elastic waste band) AND it has POCKETS. You know if something has pockets, I am 95% more likely to buy it. I can’t tell you how much I love this skirt. It comes in red and black, and so of course I want those as well.


Knotted Blouse and Everlane Midi Skirt


If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you always saw one way I styled it, which was dressed down. But I love that I can dress it up or down. I wore this a few weekends ago when Charlie and I went with my parents to go see James Taylor. It was one of my mom’s bucket list items – to see him with me, not just to see him. She has seen him probably 10 times. So this outfit was perfect for a concert – cute and comfortable, which are concert going essentials in my book. You can’t sing and dance properly if you aren’t in something you can move in!


Everlane Midi Skirt


I also wear this skirt all the time to work. Generally I wear it with a simple tee (stripes or white) and sandals. It is great for the office as well!


Everlane Midi Skirt


The thing I love about both the skirt and the blouse are that they are going to transition well into fall too! The skirt would be so cute with some loafers or a pair of ankle boots. The blouse is perfect by itself now, but come fall I will be layering it under a blazer or cardigan.


But for now, it is the perfect end of summer outfit. It is easy breezy, loose and cool, which is what you really want for when it is still 9 million degrees, like it is here.


Knotted Blouse and Everlane Midi Skirt

Skirt: Everlane; Shirt: Nordstrom (super similar); Shoes: Love these (mine are CRAZY old); Bag: Zara; Scarf: Target (similar)


Did I mention the skirt has pockets?


On another note – Did you know the Lilly Pulitzer After Party started today? I wrote about my tips for shopping the sale recently, so you may want to check those out. I want to hear about what you are buying!

Lilly At The Beach

Lilly Pulitzer Summer Dress


Remember that time I went to the beach? Yeah, me too. Sadly, this is the last of my vacation looks. Perhaps I need to go back on vacation so I can have some more!




If you go to the beach and don’t wear Lilly Pulitzer, did you even go to the beach? The answer is of course yes you did. But Lilly at the beach is just a little bit better.


This is the Lilly Pulitzer Essie dress, and it is my favorite Lilly dress! It is a t-shirt dress, so it is really comfortable, but also looks really cute so it is a win-win. I got it last year during the After Party sale. Technically… sort of. I did purchase it during the after party sale, but I didn’t realize this print wasn’t on sale (a different print, same cut was on sale). I didn’t realize it until after I had placed my order. I kept it anyway because I loved it so much!


Lilly Pulitzer Summer Dress


Let’s take a moment to discuss the After Party Sale – it will be coming up later this month(UPDATE: The sale starts Monday, August 28th at 8AM EST). The August sale is my favorite because it is still warm enough to wear everything you purchased for a while. With the January sale, you have to wait to wear most of your purchases until it gets warm. Of course, they don’t announce the sale until a couple of days before, but it usually happens around the 20th or so of August. So get ready! If you like Lilly, you won’t want to miss this. I’ll probably be mentioning it on social media, but I won’t be doing a post about it. So I thought I would go ahead and share my tips for shopping the sale.


Lilly Pulitzer Summer Dress


1. Be Prepared

When the sale starts, you will be put in a virtual waiting line. Only so many people can shop the sale at one time. A friend of mine shopped the sale for the first time in January (I coached her through the whole thing), and she was a little freaked out about the insanity. Go ahead and make an account if you don’t have one. Load your payment option, so you can check out quickly. I have already warned my husband the sale is coming up, and we may just have to eat beans for a while :)


2. Shop early and often

Things will sell out FAST, like sometimes minutes fast. Just because you put it in your cart doesn’t mean it is yours. If it sells out before you make a purchase, it will be gone. Get the things you really want, check out, and then get back in line. Also, shop often because they add new stuff throughout the sale.


3. Don’t get mad

The site will go down. Things will get insane. People will become irate on social media. If you know these things beforehand, it makes it a little easier to handle. But it is a little fun reading the insanity on Twitter. It is like crazy Black Friday, but luckily it is online so no one will die in a stampede. The first 8 hours or so are the most intense. Just be patient, wait in the line, and you will get through. In January, I waited in the virtual line for I think like 2 hours. I just left it up while I worked. But DO NOT HIT REFRESH. It will send you to the back of the line. I repeat – DO NOT HIT REFRESH.


4. When in doubt, buy it 

If you aren’t sure, but you think you might want it, BUY IT. Lilly goes on sale 2 times a year – January and August After Parties. And that is it. Plus whatever it is probably won’t be there in 20 minutes while you think about it, so just pull the trigger.


Lilly Pulitzer Summer Dress

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (same dress different print); Shoes: Target; Bag: Zara (on crazy sale!)


My last tip is – pay attention to what is on sale. Just because 1 dress in 1 print is on sale, doesn’t mean all of the prints are on sale. The good news is that if you buy something not on sale, you can return it. (After party sales are final sale).


I have one suggestion for things to buy during the sale. Of course, you don’t know what will be on sale until the actual sale, but they generally have at least a few of the Elsa tops on sale. I love them. I have bought 3 during the sales and they are the best! I highly recommend them.


So that’s all! Are you planning on shopping the sale? Or have you ever shopped the sale before?

Striped Tank Dress

summer tank dress


In case you are wondering – No, I am never going to stop talking about vacation. I’ve got one more after this one! This was another look from our recent trip to the beach. I love a good tank dress. They are light, effortless and don’t make you sweat too much.


striped summer tank dress


This was especially perfect for the beach, but now that it is insanely hot, it would be great for just about anywhere. I got this one at the Loft outlet, but I really love this Everlane version. It comes in two colors. I don’t have it, but I can almost guarantee it is amazing because everything from Everlane is amazing. You could definitely throw a super lightweight cardigan over this to make it office appropriate (or layer a blouse underneath would be super cute too!).


blue and white tank dress


I added a tank underneath to layer but you wouldn’t have to. Why did I do it? Two reasons – I like to layer tanks. It gives it a little bit of a different feel. The second? I wouldn’t have to wear a strapless bra since the dress is a racerback. I despise strapless bras with all of my being.


When the temps drop a little bit (you know in 5 months … ), it would be super cute with a denim jacket and some loafers or mules. Just, you know, planning ahead. I am not to the point where I am wishing for fall yet, but last week it was in the high 90s all week with heat indexes of 104 – 106. It was rough.


striped tank dress

Dress: Loft Outlet (similar); Bag: Zara; Shoes: Target; Hat: Target (similar); Necklace: Target (similar)


On another note – I started something new only on Facebook last Friday, and I would love for you to join in. Every Friday I am having a “coffee talk” – I’ll post a question, I’ll give you my answer & then you can give me yours! I really want to have more conversations, so I think Facebook is a good place to do that. Last week it was about what drink you would order if we were actually having coffee face to face. Hopefully you will stop by, like the page and join in the conversation!


Hope you have a great day!