Goodbye 2017

It is hard to believe 2017 is coming to an end. In some ways it seemed like a really long year, but it also flew by. Isn’t that always the case?


So I wanted to first take a moment and thank everyone for being such wonderful readers. Thank you for coming and hanging out in my little corner of the internet, for reading, for following me on social media, for the comments and the love. It means the world to me.


Second, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at a few of my favorite posts from the last year. I tried to cover a lot of ground this year – fashion, home, lifestyle – so it was hard to pick favorites. But here are just a few:


My Looks


Favorite Looks 2017


Just a few of my favorite looks from this year featuring some of my favorite pieces. The berry print skirt is one of my favorite things I bought for spring. Every time I wear it someone asks me about it. And I was so excited to get my first Draper James dress. It fits amazing & works spring, summer and fall. And my plaid vest and Hunters combo is a favorite for the holidays that also works great for winter in general.





Favorite Styling 2017


Splurge vs. Save was one of my favorite styling posts of the year. There is definitely an art to it. Another favorite was my 10 Closet staples (and I am highlighting one each month). I love wearing my Hunter boots, and they work for every season! I talked about styling Hunters for fall, and I’ll be doing another post for styling them in the spring.





Favorite Home 2017


With all of our house projects going on in our fixer upper, I have become a lot more interested in all things home decor. I spend so much time thinking about home stuff! We redid our fireplace, and I was so excited to share our before and afters! It made such a huge difference in our living room. I also wrote about five home updates you can easily make in your house. And I also shared the truth about owning a fixer upper (you know, the stuff you don’t see on tv).



In The Kitchen


Favorite Kitchen 2017


I love to cook, and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I wrote about some of my kitchen must haves that I love. I also shared a few favorite family recipes like the best meatloaf and chili.





Favorite Books 2017


I read SO many good books this year (I also read a few not so good ones). It was hard to narrow down my favorites. So I picked 3 that I really really loved – All The Missing Girls (a thriller), Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (quirky fiction) and Party Girls Die in Pearls (a mystery).



The Monthly Edit


The Monthly Edit Newsletter


I also started a monthly newsletter this year called The Monthly Edit. It is additional content for subscribers only – favorite items, fashion and home pieces, recipes, and there is a new freebie every month. If you are interested in signing up, you can sign up for emails at the bottom of this post. You’ll get the monthly edit + 1x a week email with blog post recaps.



I would really love to hear from you about content for 2018- what are things you like? What are things you don’t like? What are things you want to see more of? Let me know in the comments, send me an email or message me on social media. I would love to hear from you!


No matter what kind of year you had, let’s hope 2018 is better. Happy New Year friends!

Last Minute Gifts

A few weeks ago, I posted my big holiday gift guide. But if you are still in search of some last minute gifts, I have some suggestions for you! Just because they are last minute doesn’t mean they can’t be great! Plus, every gift is under $100.


Laar MInute Gifts

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9


This lipstick trio is the perfect gift for any lady on your list. Who doesn’t love gorgeous lipsticks? And this would be a great stocking stuffer as well.


These felt letter boards are SO popular right now, and I think they are really fun. This would be a great gift for just about anyone.


I am super in love with these mittens. Stripes AND a bow makes it the perfect gift in my book! They also come in black and white stripe. I love both color combinations.


This vest is $99, which still makes it under $100. I love these vests on guys. They are great for the weekend.


So this set BARELY makes it under the $100 mark… actually it is $99.99. But it is such a good gift for anyone who loves to cook or is just starting out on their own. Coming from someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, good cookware is important.


You can’t go wrong with a good blanket! I’ve said it before, but I really love cozy gifts. And this one has a monogram, which makes it even better.


Another great all round gift is a candle. Achipelago makes really great candles that last a long time.


As a kid, I really loved doing arts and crafts. As an adult I still really like crafting! This kit would have been my dream.


Puppy stuffed animal. Need I say more? What kid doesn’t need a stuffed puppy? None. All kids need this. If for some reason puppies aren’t their thing, there is a monkey, a hippo, a moose … you name it.


Keep in mind the shipping for gifts. All of these gifts are from Nordstrom, and the last day for most free standard shipping is December 21st at noon and the last day for $10 Saturday delivery is December 22.


Another great gift that is also perfect for last minute would be to donate to a charity in that person’s name. It is a great gift that gives back, especially if the person you are buying for has a charity that they have close to his or her heart.


For more great gift ideas, check out my holiday gift guide. Also, I’ve posted a bunch of great gift ideas on my facebook page the last few weeks too!


So are you done with your shopping yet?

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Gift Guide 2017


Can you believe the holidays are here? Have you started your shopping yet? Today I am sharing my Ultimate Holiday Gift for everyone on your list.


I know everyone gets tired of seeing gift guide after gift guide, so I decided to do 1 big one, that way you’ll have it all in one place. I’ve got a ton of gift ideas for everyone on your list, and I’ve also highlighted a few favorites. Bonus – the majority of these gifts are under $100.


Gift Guide for Women


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

This necklace is the perfect mix of classic and fun. You can’t go wrong with pearls! This would be a fantastic gift for any lovely lady on your list. And at $78, it won’t break the bank.


I love anything monogrammed. I’m Southern, what can I say? But giving monogrammed gifts shows that you put just a little more time and effort into a gift. Even if it is just a single initial, it isn’t something you could just give to anyone. You bought it with that person in mind. I really love this blanket scarf (which can be monogrammed!). I also really love this hand painted zip pouch. But make sure to order monogrammed items early, since the monogramming takes longer.


Last year I gave my mom and my aunt Kate Spade bags. Neither of them had ever had a Kate Spade bag, and it was so worth the splurge watching them open them (and then carry them around in their jammies the rest of the day). This bag would be perfect for someone special on your list.



Gift Guide for Men

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Even if your guy is just the tiniest bit handy, men really love to get tools. And Lowe’s has all these great sets around this time of year which make gift giving way easier. Last year I got Charlie a ratchet set and he loves it. And the set are at all different price points so really can get something for any guy. This one is a household tool set, and it has a little bit of everything.


Several years ago, I got Charlie a nice watch for Christmas. He still to this day says that it was one of the best gifts he has ever gotten. A nice watch like this one goes a long way for a guy.


I know that clothes aren’t the most exciting thing for men to get (at least not for my husband or my dad), but unfortunately it is a necessity. I like to get Charlie comfy pieces he can relax in on the weekends, like this half zip pullover.


Gift Guide for the Home

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

I recently found the Happy Everything line of serving pieces like this platter and I love them! There are several patterns, and then you get the attachments for different holidays and events.


I am all for cozy gifts, like soft blankets and fuzzy slippers. This blanket would be perfect for curling up by the fire and watching movies.


If you’ve got a coffee lover on your list, this gorgeous french press is a great gift (and it is only $50!). How great would this look sitting on the counter or near a coffee station.



Gift Guide Under $50

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Calendars are always a great gift this time of year. This one is such a fun one featuring places to travel with amazing illustrations.


The holidays are always a stressful time, and we all know self care is important. Calming bath salts are a great gift for those who need to relax a little.


I always thought Yetis were kind of ridiculous. I flipped out when Charlie bought the bigger one for his coffee. I changed my tune when he bought me one for mine. They are actually really great! Charlie, my dad and my uncle all have the Yeti lowball (as well as the colster) and they love it. Whether you do this one or splurge for a bigger one, they are worth the money and make a great gift.



If you want more gift ideas, make sure to sign up for my newsletter The Monthly Edit. It goes out next week, and I’ll be sharing my top 3 favorite gifts to give. Just sign up for emails at the bottom of the post. I’ll also be sharing more gift ideas on Facebook and Twitter.


Want more holiday content? Check out my Festive Fashion post & Budget Best Christmas decor post.

Florals for Fall

Draper James Floral Dress


I know florals aren’t groundbreaking for spring, but what about for fall? Probably not groundbreaking either. Florals for all seasons really works, but I did read that fall florals are really going to be big this year. And that is just fine with me!


Draper James Hydrangea Dress


If you have a summery floral dress, it is easy to take it into fall, especially if it has a darker background like this one. First thing – add a pair of fall shoes, like an open toe bootie or a loafer. Next, if it is sleeveless, top it off with a denim jacket, cardigan or blazer. If you want to go further, add a darker lip to really give it that fall feel. When it gets cooler, switch out the booties for riding boots, and maybe throw on a pair of tights. Talk about making your dresses work double (or triple) overtime.


Fall Florals


If you take anything away from this post, make it this – you can absolutely make those summery florals work for fall. The same thing goes for a summery floral skirt or top. It is all about what you pair it with. Just have a little imagination, and experiment.


Florals for Fall

Dress: Draper James (similar); Shoes: Banana Republic (similar)


I just bought this dress a few weeks ago from Draper James. I fell in love with it when it first came out. After it went on sale, I was going to get it, but it sold out. When they had an additional 30% off sale, I checked and it was back. So I had to get it. I love it so much. It is super flattering, and it really works for all seasons. The dark background really makes it perfect for fall, but of course will be great next summer too! And I just love the ruffles. I think it will be really cute with brown riding boots when the temps drop some.


Unfortunately, this dress is sold out now. But the Draper James Southern Living Dress has a similar feel to me. (Reese wore it on the cover of Southern Living for September). And, of course, it is also on my wishlist!

Thank You + Giveaway

tie shirt and pink skirt


This is really insane, but I started this blog SEVEN years ago. That seems crazy. It was right after Charlie and I got married. I was working at a job that had a lot of stress, and I just wanted a place that I could have fun & talk about fashion and other things. Who knew I’d still be doing it 7 years later.


The blogging world has changed so much from when I started. First of all, when I started not everyone had a blog. People were still like, “What the hell is a blog?!” And people didn’t start blogging to make money. They did it because there was some void in their life that wasn’t being filled. I recently have read a few posts on social media about people complaining because they started blogging 2 months ago and weren’t making any money. When I started, there weren’t professional bloggers. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere was really the only one I knew of that was making a career out of it. She was one of my early blogging role models. She still really amazes me.


tie shirt and pink skirt 3


Anyway, as a thank you, I am doing a little giveaway. I have met so many amazing people through blogging, and I have had some really fun experiences. I have made some really amazing friendships that go way beyond the blog world, and I am so thankful for those. You can’t know how much your support and friendships mean to me. Every comment, email, Instagram like, Tweet… it means so much to me. So this is my way of saying thank you – whether you are a brand new reader, or have been here a while, thank you.


With that being said, there are a bunch of ways you can enter. But I wanted to tell you why you might want to do these things, besides just winning the giveaway. I generally don’t post the same things on my different social media channels, besides my blog posts, so you may want to follow along on all platforms!


Newsletter: If you haven’t heard, I started a new 1x month newsletter called The Monthly Edit. If you like reading the blog, I think you will like the newsletter. It is exclusive content only for subscribers (unless there is a sneak peek going on) – must haves, fashion, home, food, and I always have a freebie. I am really excited about the newsletter, and I think the August newsletter is going to be fantastic, if I do say so myself. When you sign up, you will also get 1x week recap of the week’s blog posts. You can sign up at the bottom of this post.


Instagram: Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I like pretty pictures and I am not ashamed to admit that. But I post more than just pictures from my blog. I like sharing more than that. My Instagram stories is a lot of cooking and my dogs. Sometimes I share what I am wearing that day, or weekend activities. But it is mostly food & dogs.


Facebook: I have no problem admitting that Facebook is where I struggle a little bit. I am not a Facebook-er in my personal life, so I do have a little bit of trouble with it. However, I am working on it! Besides sharing my posts, I share sale picks, interesting articles, etc. I am about to start some new things on Facebook, and I am excited! I want to use Facebook for more discussion, and I can’t wait to hear from you.


Twitter: This is me unfiltered. It is my random thoughts, complaints, etc. I read something one time along the lines of every other social media platform everything is perfect, but on Twitter the world is ending. It is kind of true. Other social media is kind of the highlight reel. Twitter is a little more … real. I also share favorite items from around the web, sales, articles I have liked, blog posts I have enjoyed. It is kind of a free for all on twitter.


You may notice that Snapchat isn’t on here. I don’t do Snapchat. I am just now trying to figure out Instagram stories!


As you probably know, the Nordstrom Sale started last week! So it was a good time for a Nordstrom giveaway for $100 e-gift card. You may be over the sale by now. I admit, it has been overkill this year. To be honest, I didn’t plan to do it because of the sale. I had already planned it, and then I realized it coincided with the sale. This isn’t sponsored by Nordstrom in any way. This is from me, to you. If I could give you all a gift, I would. But I can’t, so this is the best I can do for now!


And to give you some ideas about how you could spend the gift card, here are some of my top picks from the sale:



And now I want to hear from you – what are your favorite things about the blog? Are there things you want to see more of? I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment here, send me an email, message me on social media.


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