Thank You + Giveaway

tie shirt and pink skirt


This is really insane, but I started this blog SEVEN years ago. That seems crazy. It was right after Charlie and I got married. I was working at a job that had a lot of stress, and I just wanted a place that I could have fun & talk about fashion and other things. Who knew I’d still be doing it 7 years later.


The blogging world has changed so much from when I started. First of all, when I started not everyone had a blog. People were still like, “What the hell is a blog?!” And people didn’t start blogging to make money. They did it because there was some void in their life that wasn’t being filled. I recently have read a few posts on social media about people complaining because they started blogging 2 months ago and weren’t making any money. When I started, there weren’t professional bloggers. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere was really the only one I knew of that was making a career out of it. She was one of my early blogging role models. She still really amazes me.


tie shirt and pink skirt 3


Anyway, as a thank you, I am doing a little giveaway. I have met so many amazing people through blogging, and I have had some really fun experiences. I have made some really amazing friendships that go way beyond the blog world, and I am so thankful for those. You can’t know how much your support and friendships mean to me. Every comment, email, Instagram like, Tweet… it means so much to me. So this is my way of saying thank you – whether you are a brand new reader, or have been here a while, thank you.


With that being said, there are a bunch of ways you can enter. But I wanted to tell you why you might want to do these things, besides just winning the giveaway. I generally don’t post the same things on my different social media channels, besides my blog posts, so you may want to follow along on all platforms!


Newsletter: If you haven’t heard, I started a new 1x month newsletter called The Monthly Edit. If you like reading the blog, I think you will like the newsletter. It is exclusive content only for subscribers (unless there is a sneak peek going on) – must haves, fashion, home, food, and I always have a freebie. I am really excited about the newsletter, and I think the August newsletter is going to be fantastic, if I do say so myself. When you sign up, you will also get 1x week recap of the week’s blog posts. You can sign up at the bottom of this post.


Instagram: Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I like pretty pictures and I am not ashamed to admit that. But I post more than just pictures from my blog. I like sharing more than that. My Instagram stories is a lot of cooking and my dogs. Sometimes I share what I am wearing that day, or weekend activities. But it is mostly food & dogs.


Facebook: I have no problem admitting that Facebook is where I struggle a little bit. I am not a Facebook-er in my personal life, so I do have a little bit of trouble with it. However, I am working on it! Besides sharing my posts, I share sale picks, interesting articles, etc. I am about to start some new things on Facebook, and I am excited! I want to use Facebook for more discussion, and I can’t wait to hear from you.


Twitter: This is me unfiltered. It is my random thoughts, complaints, etc. I read something one time along the lines of every other social media platform everything is perfect, but on Twitter the world is ending. It is kind of true. Other social media is kind of the highlight reel. Twitter is a little more … real. I also share favorite items from around the web, sales, articles I have liked, blog posts I have enjoyed. It is kind of a free for all on twitter.


You may notice that Snapchat isn’t on here. I don’t do Snapchat. I am just now trying to figure out Instagram stories!


As you probably know, the Nordstrom Sale started last week! So it was a good time for a Nordstrom giveaway for $100 e-gift card. You may be over the sale by now. I admit, it has been overkill this year. To be honest, I didn’t plan to do it because of the sale. I had already planned it, and then I realized it coincided with the sale. This isn’t sponsored by Nordstrom in any way. This is from me, to you. If I could give you all a gift, I would. But I can’t, so this is the best I can do for now!


And to give you some ideas about how you could spend the gift card, here are some of my top picks from the sale:



And now I want to hear from you – what are your favorite things about the blog? Are there things you want to see more of? I would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment here, send me an email, message me on social media.


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Why We Had A Destination Wedding

destination wedding

It is hard to believe, but Charlie and I will be celebrating our SEVENTH wedding anniversary tomorrow. I must have gotten married at 16 because I am only 23 … :)


I am so glad we got married before the days of Pinterest. I always knew I wanted a small, simple wedding. But Pinterest would have made me think that I wanted a wedding that I didn’t because it was on Pinterest. To be honest, I still see things on Pinterest and think, “Oh we should get re-married so I can do that!” I mean, really?


Charlie and I got married on St. George Island, which is just off the coast of Apalachicola, which is on the gulf side south of Panama Beach. It was super quiet and secluded, which is exactly what I wanted. We got married on the beach, and there were no more than 20 people there. It was perfect.


destination wedding 2


So today, I am sharing why we chose a destination wedding.


I was never a wedding girl.

When I played with my Barbies and dolls, I don’t remember being fixated on the weddings. To be honest, I was way too busy cutting their hair and picking out new outfits for them. And even as I got older, I was never really interested in weddings. As high maintenance as I can be about some things, this just wasn’t one of them.


why destination wedding


A destination wedding was my dream.

When I was around 13, a family friend got married in Mexico. I knew immediately that was what I wanted when I got married. I love the beach, there was very little fuss – it was the perfect scenario for me. And then when I informed Charlie what our wedding would be like (this was non-negotiable), luckily he thought it was a great idea. He is not a big wedding kind of guy (unless it was what I really wanted, then he would have endured it). My parents aren’t big wedding type people either, and I think if I told them I changed my mind and wanted something big, they would have been really disappointed.


We have small families and few friends.

Charlie and I are both only children. And we both have remarkably small extended families. And to be honest, we don’t have that many friends either. In fact, my best friend was in the Peace Corps at the time, so she wasn’t even at our wedding. We couldn’t have had a big wedding because we just didn’t (and still don’t) know that many people. And truthfully, lots of people make me nervous.

st georgle island wedding


No stress.

I knew I didn’t want anything stressful for my wedding. I wanted my parents to be able to relax and have fun. I wanted to be able to relax and have fun. I really wanted it to be a vacation for everyone, and Charlie and I happened to get married on the vacation. I wanted something that was going to be easy but also really beautiful. With the ocean in the background, how can a beach wedding not be beautiful?



So those are the reasons we went with a destination wedding, and I am still so glad we did. Even in the age of Pinterest, I would change anything… most days.  Now, tell me about your wedding or your dream wedding (whether you are married or not!)


Vacation Wear

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Hope you are enjoying your day off (if you are off).


We will be headed to the beach in a little over a week, and I am, of course, busy worrying about what I am going to pack. Why is it when I go out of town, I feel like I need to bring everything? “I might want to wear an evening gown, so I better pack 3!” (In no situation would I need an evening gown for anything). I am the worst at overpacking. Even though I will pretty much be in bathing suits or pjs most of the time, we will probably go out to eat a few times, so I will need some real clothes – so 75 dresses, 30 tops and skirts, 150 pairs of shoes, 25 handbags, and all the jewelry I own…


Since I am getting in the vacation mindset (sort of), here are a few things I would like to pack on my trip (and may be overnighting so I can actually take them!)


vacation wear

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


Remember I was on the hunt for a new bathing suit? I ended up getting the one above (and black and white striped one too). They are both really cute and flattering. I haven’t worn a one piece in YEARS but I really love that they are so in style. The gingham one reminds me of an old 50s bathing suit.


So are you a crazy overpacker like me? What vacations do you have planned this summer?

Five Things To Know About Yoga

things to know about yoga 1
You may or may not know this, but I am a certified yoga instructor. I became certified about two years ago. And while I am not teaching currently, yoga is such a passion for me. I have been practicing on and off for years. And there are so many benefits – flexibility, joint health, anxiety relief, sleep … I could go on and on.
So today I am talking about five things you should know about yoga. If you have never taken a class or are maybe interested in yoga, this is the post for you.
things to know about yoga
Here we go…

Yoga is for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are 10 or 100, super in shape or never exercise at all, yoga is for everyone. Just because you aren’t flexible does not mean you shouldn’t take a class. Yoga helps with flexibility, along with a number of other things. You also don’t need to be “in shape” for yoga. Yoga is for EVERYONE.
There are lots of different styles
There are SO many types of yoga. And I don’t just mean beginner or advanced. There are classes that focus on restoration and meditation. Some classes really get your heart pumping and are super intense. Some are heated, some aren’t. Some are very flowy, others you do one pose at a time and don’t really flow at all.
I personally like a really flowy class. I like it to be warm, and I like it to be really challenging. If that sounds like something you would like, you should try Vinyasa. It is what I practice and teach. If you want the heat but not so much the flow, you might like Bikram. The problem with Bikram, for me, is that the class is the same every single time. In fact the teachers have a script that they use. I like new and different each time. If you want something slow and that really focuses on alignment, you might like Iyingar yoga. It isn’t flowy at all and you hold the poses for a long time.

The point I am trying to make is that just because you tried one type of yoga and didn’t like it doesn’t mean there isn’t a class for you. Explore different classes and different teachers.
Yoga is the perfect compliment
No matter what your other forms of exercise are – running, swimming, crossfit, etc – yoga is the perfect compliment. Most exercise causes muscles to shorten (not in terms of size but in terms of length). When you run, your muscles tighten and shorten. Yoga elongates your muscles, stretching them back out. It helps keep your muscles and your body in better condition. Not only does yoga strengthen you, but it also lengthens you.
Start in a studio
I strongly suggest that you start your practice in a studio. And I actually mean a studio. Not a class at the YMCA. Not a class at a gym. A yoga studio. If you start at a studio, you know the teachers are certified and know what they are talking about. You don’t have that guarantee at gyms. Also, your class is going to be more tailored at a yoga studio, instead of a one size fits all type of class at a gym.
No matter what kind of yoga you practice, it is really important in the beginning to get the alignment right. A teacher is going to assist in making sure that you are doing the pose correctly and not going to injure yourself.
On that note, if the teacher adjusts you (meaning they assist you with a pose), that is a good thing. Don’t take it as a “They were pointing out my flaws” type situation. I personally don’t do a ton of adjustments. I like students to be able to correct themselves by listening to what I am saying. That being said, if I see a student who isn’t being safe, I will step in. So listen to the teachers and how they are instructing you. Are you really turning your hips the right way? Are your shoulders actually squeezed up near your ears when the teacher is telling you to relax them down?
The other type of adjustment is to help you get deeper into a pose. Those are always nice. Sometimes a teacher can help you get deeper into a pose that maybe you couldn’t do on your own. I usually only do this for advanced students because I know they can do it. I never want to push someone too far.
Studios are expensive. My suggestion is to take at a studio for a few months, then seek out other options, like online classes, if you can’t pay the studio fees. And I would be happy to provide some form of classes or ideas if that is something you would be interested in. But you do need to know the basics before you move on to that.
It is YOUR practice
I generally remind my students at the beginning of my classes that it is THEIR practice. As a teacher, I am there to guide and offer suggestions. But you have to do what is right for your body. If you aren’t comfortable doing something, or something doesn’t feel good, or you feel inspired to move into a different pose, that is ok. Go for it. I often times give multiple suggestions for my students for what to do next, to allow them to get more comfortable in their own practice.
Now, I do encourage that you go into class with an open mind. Try what the teacher is suggesting. If it isn’t for you, that is ok. Some teachers don’t feel this way. For example, in Bikram, you are to do the exact poses in the exact order, no variations. Of course, if something hurts don’t do it. But there isn’t a lot of freedom. Even in vinyasa classes I have taken, I have had teachers that didn’t want you doing anything else. It actually happened to me during my training. I was in a class and one of the other teacher trainers was doing something, and another teacher told her not to do it. It wasn’t because she wasn’t being safe, she just wanted her to do what she told her to do. It embarrassed the teacher trainer, and it made her mad. So then she was uncomfortable with that teacher the rest of the time.
You need to feel comfortable doing what your body needs. If the teacher doesn’t like it, tough. It isn’t their practice.
As a side note on that – I don’t practice yoga while I am teaching. Some teachers do. It is important to me that I don’t. I need to be focusing on my students and what they are doing, NOT my own personal practice. I may demonstrate a pose, or do a little bit of the flow, but I never fully practice. Another important reason I don’t is because I want my students to listen to what I am saying, not just watch me. You connect so much more with your practice and can focus on your body more when you are listening and not watching.
So I hope this helped if you were thinking about trying yoga, or maybe took a class and didn’t like it. I encourage you to give it a try. And let me know if you have questions or need a little guidance! I am happy to help!
So tell me – have you taken yoga before? What was your experience?

The Monthly Edit



I am really excited (and a little nervous) about today’s post. I have decided to expand The Fashionable Wife in a new way – The Monthly Edit.


The Monthly Edit is going to be a monthly newsletter that goes out full of content that isn’t ever going to be on the blog. Think extra outfits, monthly picks, style tips, behind the scenes things, recipes, house updates and some fun surprises too! (Spoiler – this month I am including a look at my entry hall!)


I have been hard at work on the May Edit, and it is going out next week. All you have to do is sign up for my emails (I even added the sign up form at the bottom of the posts). So when you sign up, you’ll be getting my monthly newsletter + once a week you will be getting the week’s blog posts. So basically you will be getting like 5 emails a month from me.


But that isn’t all! As a thank you for signing up, and as an example of some of the fun stuff I am going to do, you will get a confirmation email with a link to download my Closet Clean Out checklist (because it is spring, and I know what a daunting challenge cleaning out the closet can be). You may have to check your spam folder. I know a lot of times when I sign up for emails, the go to my spam.


And don’t worry if you are already on the email list, I am including the download in the May email.


Not sure if you want to sign up? That’s ok. The email is going out the middle of next week, so you have time to think about it!


Thanks so much in advance for signing up! Have a great day!