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In this episode of “All the Things I want to do to our Fixer Upper,” we are talking about the front of the house. I am going to be completely honest – I hate the front of our house (well, that isn’t the only thing I hate, but anyway). First of all, I like big front porches. Ours has a tiny landing type area.The house is up on top of a hill, and there are lots of trees and it is really dark. Plus (this may come as a surprise, given the shape of the house when we bought it) the people who lived here before us didn’t take care of the front (or back… or the inside…). And we have been focusing on the inside, you know where we live, so the outside has really been on the back burner.




So, it is my goal this spring to brighten it up. I want get some cute planters with colorful flowers for near our front door, and we are transplanting some azaleas from our back yard to the front to give the front some color.


Another thing I am planning to do – paint our front door. I love houses with colorful front doors! Ours is black. Black works great for some houses, but it just makes ours darker.














I am planning on doing it a pastel, probably somewhere between teal and mint green. I bought a small rug for our entry hall, so I want to match that but go about 4 shades lighter (I am painting the inside of the door too to give our entry hall some fun color).


So what do you think about colorful front doors? What color is your front door?


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    I have a bright front door! (Bright blue, imagine that.) It really helps your house pop and adds so much personality. :) I love hearing about your home decor + fixer-upper trials; it inspires me to get goin’ on some of my home projects!

    Le Stylo Rouge

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