Why I Am A Dress And Skirt Girl

dresses and skirts

Shirt: Old (similar); Skirt: J. Crew (similar); Shoes: Kate Spade (similar)


You may have noticed that I don’t really wear pants around here. In fact, unless they are workout clothes, I never wear pants and shorts.


It has always been like this. When I was little, I never wanted to wear pants. In pre-school, I wore a dress every day, and the teachers told my mom that maybe I should wear pants. And she told them I wouldn’t.


It isn’t that I WON’T wear pants. I just don’t like to. To be honest, I am a little self conscious. I have a larger rear end and thighs, and so I feel much more confident in dresses and skirts. Plus, I am just more comfortable. No waist bands digging into me. No constricting. I just feel better in a dress or a skirt.


And isn’t feeling good about yourself what fashion is REALLY all about?


It is for me, at least.


So here are a few of my current favorite dresses and skirts:


So what about you? Do you prefer dresses and skirts?


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    Love this outfit! I’m more of a dresses/skirts girl too for some of the same reasons – so much harder to find good fitting jeans when you’ve got bigger thighs! This is one of the only downsides I have to lifting weights.

    Also, maybe I went to J.Crew this weekend and bought a palm tree skirt and…. the berry skirt. Still not sure if I’m going to keep it, but I have it!

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    I’m with you – I love dresses which draw attention to the smallest part of me and away from the biggest! They are pretty much my default for warmer months, but in the winter I become a total denim addict. I don’t mind tights, but sometimes I just can’t.

    Anyway, I love this pairing, what is better than a pretty white skirt?
    Chic on the Cheap

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    Hey! you know what you love and you embrace it! Good for you! I used to wear only skirts, but once I started working from home I became and jeans and tee girl!

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