Embroidered White Dress

white embroidered dress 2


I am finally posting the first of my vacation outfits. If you don’t remember, Charlie and I spent a few days relaxing on the beach in Fort Morgan, AL, at the beginning of June. I got this dress at J. Crew factory  (this was the dress that started the great shopping spree of Memorial Day). I love it for summer. Little white dresses are always a win in the summer. The embroidery is so bright and cheerful. It give just enough color to take this LWD up a notch.


summer white dress


More importantly, IT HAS POCKETS. And you know, that is the most important thing. It was funny, the other day, I told someone I work with that I liked her dress. Her immediate response was, “Thanks, it has pockets.” So then, of course, she had to SHOW me that it did indeed have pockets. It was so funny, because that it is always what I always say when I have a dress on with pockets. And then I typically stick my hands in the pockets, just to prove my point. But pockets make a dress 100x better!


It is funny because I don’t feel that way about skirts as much. I mean, I am generally a little mad if a skirt doesn’t have pockets, but I also don’t find myself shouting from the rooftops that a skirt DOES have pockets.


summer straw bag


I saw this really funny thing on Twitter the other day – I have no idea who said it and I don’t even remember exactly what it was, but basically someone (a woman, natch), said: I’ll be buried in my favorite dress & someone will comment that it is cute, and from beyond the grave they will hear, “Iiiittttt hhhhaaaaasssss pppoooooccccckkkkkkeeeetttttssss” (like you know, a ghost voice). I thought it was hilarious, and sadly true. That will more than likely be me.


little white dress

Dress: J. Crew Factory; Shoes: Target; Bag: Zara


So the moral of the story is cute dress + pockets = purchase ASAP. What can I say, I am super good at math  :)


So are you like me? Do you think a dress with pockets is pretty much the greatest thing in the world?


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