How To: Fall Front Porch

Fall Front Porch How To


I love fall front porches. I was so excited to decorate ours this year. As soon as October hits, I start the decorating!


Fall Front Porch How To


Fall Front Porch How To


There are several components to making a really great fall porch. Even if you don’t have a very big front porch (like us) or even no front porch at all, you can still incorporate some of these elements! Even if you live in an apartment, some of these are doable!


Fall Front Porch How To


Mums: I love mums. The more mums the merrier, in my opinion. This year, we went with mums and daisies. My favorite mums are the dark red ones. They feel so fallish!


Pumpkins: You can’t a fall front porch without pumpkins! Instead of having one big one, I like doing several and mixing up the sizes. Just like the mums, more pumpkins look better! Don’t just mix up the sizes but also the colors too. White pumpkins contrast really nicely with the bright orange ones!


Plants: You can also mix in other fall plants with your mums and pumpkins. We saw some really cool looking kale that I wanted to get (but didn’t) at Lowes.


Hay Bales: I realize if you don’t have much space, the hay bales are a hard thing to incorporate. But I love the way they look, and the way they add some height! Plus the hay adds some really great texture. You can get small ones like ours from Hobby Lobby.


Wreath: You can either do a fall wreath or a Halloween wreath. I love Halloween, so of course I opted for Halloween! See my DIY Halloween wreath below. This one is less Halloween and more fall, but it still has the pumpkins!


Door Mat: You could go fall or Halloween for this too. I love the Halloween, but this fall one is really cute too!


Lanterns: I have seen some really cool front porches with large lanterns, and they look great! We don’t have any lanterns this year, but I am definitely going to remember it for next year!


Fall Front Porch How To


This is my Halloween wreath. I made it several years ago. It took me hours and hours, and I burned all of my fingers doing it. But I love it and it was worth it! I feel like I saw it on Pinterest, but I swear I don’t think I even knew what Pinterest was when I made it so I don’t know if that is where I saw it. All I did was take a styrofoam wreath and wrap it with black ribbon. Then I used a bunch of different Halloween ribbons and hot glue gun them into loops. Then I glued the loops on the wreath (pack them in so it is really full). Then I painted the letters and glued those on.


The only thing I still want to do is find a door mat. I am looking for one I can use all fall and winter (even though I really want a Halloween one!) I had seen a black and white buffalo check one on Pinterest, but I can’t find anything like it anywhere! Hopefully I find something.


Have you decorated for fall / Halloween yet?


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