February Workout Recap

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a good weekend.


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So today I am recapping my February fitness.  In my January workout recap, I mentioned I wanted to focus on upping my running milage, doing more yoga, doing more arm weights and maybe some HIIT.  2 out 4 isn’t too bad.


Here is a look at my February workouts:



Week 1:

Wed: BBG week 5 arms & abs + arm weights & jump rope / Thurs: Run 2.0 mi / Fri: BBG week 5 full body + yoga / Sat: OFF / Sun: Run 2.5 mi

*(Monday and Tuesday were part of January). I was really excited to run more on Sunday. I love running outside, so I am trying to do more running on the weekends.


Week 2:

Mon: BBG week 6 arms & abs / Tues: Run 2.0 mi / Wed:  BBG week 6 abs & cardio

Thurs: OFF / Fri: BBG legs & cardo / Sat: Run 2.3 mi / Sun: OFF

*This was a rough week. I had issues with both my right wrist and my right ankle, so I had to take it easy and modify some workouts. I had to skip my Sunday run because of the ankle, and skip the yoga because of both.


Week 3:

Mon: BBG week 7 legs & cardio / Tues: Run 2.0 mi / Wed: BBG week 7 arms & abs

Thurs: Run 2.0 mi / Fri: BBG week 7 full body, yoga / Sat: Run 2.5 mi / Sun: Yoga


Week 4: 

Mon: BBG week 8 arms & abs / Tues: Run 2.0 mi / Wed: BBG week 7 abs & cardio / Thurs: OFF

Fri: BBG week 8 legs & cardio + arm weights and jump rope + yoga / Sat: Run 3.1 mi / Sun: Run 2.3 mi + yoga


Week 5:

Mon: BBG week 9 legs  / Tues: OFF


All in all, it wasn’t a bad month. I completed all of my BBG workouts and increased my weekend running milage (I am sticking with 2 miles during the week on the treadmill for now). 3 out of 4 weeks I did yoga twice a week.


I ran a total of 22.7 miles this month, which wasn’t as much as I had hoped for, but I had to go easy the one week because of my ankle, so I am OK with it.


For March, I hope to continue increasing my running milage. I also want to work on the foam rolling, which I didn’t do more of in February (oops). Hopefully I can add some more arm weights + jump rope and some HIIT, but we will see how it goes.


How are you doing on your fitness goals? What are you working on this month?


Have a great day!


  1. says

    Solid month, lady!

    The foam roller is my best friend. I practically slept with that thing last night after doing the Crossfit Open’s first WOD at the gym yesterday.

    I’m now officially training for a Storngwoman competition (WHAT DID I AGREE TO?!), so I guess that’s my goal!

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