Goodbye 2017

It is hard to believe 2017 is coming to an end. In some ways it seemed like a really long year, but it also flew by. Isn’t that always the case?


So I wanted to first take a moment and thank everyone for being such wonderful readers. Thank you for coming and hanging out in my little corner of the internet, for reading, for following me on social media, for the comments and the love. It means the world to me.


Second, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at a few of my favorite posts from the last year. I tried to cover a lot of ground this year – fashion, home, lifestyle – so it was hard to pick favorites. But here are just a few:


My Looks


Favorite Looks 2017


Just a few of my favorite looks from this year featuring some of my favorite pieces. The berry print skirt is one of my favorite things I bought for spring. Every time I wear it someone asks me about it. And I was so excited to get my first Draper James dress. It fits amazing & works spring, summer and fall. And my plaid vest and Hunters combo is a favorite for the holidays that also works great for winter in general.





Favorite Styling 2017


Splurge vs. Save was one of my favorite styling posts of the year. There is definitely an art to it. Another favorite was my 10 Closet staples (and I am highlighting one each month). I love wearing my Hunter boots, and they work for every season! I talked about styling Hunters for fall, and I’ll be doing another post for styling them in the spring.





Favorite Home 2017


With all of our house projects going on in our fixer upper, I have become a lot more interested in all things home decor. I spend so much time thinking about home stuff! We redid our fireplace, and I was so excited to share our before and afters! It made such a huge difference in our living room. I also wrote about five home updates you can easily make in your house. And I also shared the truth about owning a fixer upper (you know, the stuff you don’t see on tv).



In The Kitchen


Favorite Kitchen 2017


I love to cook, and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I wrote about some of my kitchen must haves that I love. I also shared a few favorite family recipes like the best meatloaf and chili.





Favorite Books 2017


I read SO many good books this year (I also read a few not so good ones). It was hard to narrow down my favorites. So I picked 3 that I really really loved – All The Missing Girls (a thriller), Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (quirky fiction) and Party Girls Die in Pearls (a mystery).



The Monthly Edit


The Monthly Edit Newsletter


I also started a monthly newsletter this year called The Monthly Edit. It is additional content for subscribers only – favorite items, fashion and home pieces, recipes, and there is a new freebie every month. If you are interested in signing up, you can sign up for emails at the bottom of this post. You’ll get the monthly edit + 1x a week email with blog post recaps.



I would really love to hear from you about content for 2018- what are things you like? What are things you don’t like? What are things you want to see more of? Let me know in the comments, send me an email or message me on social media. I would love to hear from you!


No matter what kind of year you had, let’s hope 2018 is better. Happy New Year friends!


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