How to: Mix Prints

Mixing prints can be a challenging style to master.  When done right, you can look really put together and seriously stylish.  When done wrong, you can look like a 3 year old that dressed herself for the first time.


When mixing prints, there are definitely some things to keep in mind, so I have put together some tips and tricks to help you.

If you are nervous about mixing prints, the best way to test the water is to start small.  Try wearing accessories that are a different print than your clothing.  A leopard belt is a great way to start slow.  

Stripes are about as neutral as you can get for a pattern.  Stripes can work just like a solid piece would!

Stripes and polka dots were meant to be paired together.  Can you think of any two cuter patterns?  I am a stripe fanatic, and nothing looks better than when a stripe is matched with a polka dot.

Having a common color in each pattern ties the outfit together well.  The pieces feel more put together when there is common element.  The same idea works if you are doing a stripe on stripe- the fact that both patterns are stripes ties the look together.

If you are still worried about mixing prints, try the same color scheme for both pieces- black and white, navy and green, etc.  Mixing a lot of colors and a lot of patterns could be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you are just starting to mix prints.


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    Really informative, loved the post! I might just try it out, it scares me a little bit don’t want to be the chick in the office that looks like my 6 yr old picked out my outfit 😉

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