How To: Whitewash Brick


A few weeks ago, I shared our Fireplace Makeover (here). So today I am sharing how I whitewashed our brick.




I was REALLY nervous about doing it. REALLY nervous. We had spent all of this time and money having the brick done, and I was so worried it wasn’t going to look good. You can’t un-paint brick. But I also knew that the brick was way too red for what I wanted.


Whitewash Brick 2


This is what it looked like before I did the whitewashing. Aren’t the walls beautiful? You can see where the old mantle was, and where we had drawn where the new mantle would be.


So I naturally did a ton of research before I did. The one thing that I didn’t do that I would highly recommend doing if you try this was test it on a spare brick. I just went for it.




The only materials you will need are paint, a paint brush and some sort of rag (I used one of the hubs’ old t-shirts).¬†Generally you use half paint, half water. I ended up watering mine down a little more after I did some because I wanted more brick to show through. I wanted the whitewashing to be pretty light.

Any paint will work. I am pretty sure that I used our trim paint, which is a semi gloss (Benjamin Moore Dove White). The brick absorbs a lot of the paint, so it won’t seem shiny going on. But you can always use a flat or an eggshell if you prefer.




The process-

First, wipe your brick with a damp cloth or towel. Just like any other paint surface, you want it to be clean. It is harder with brick, and little pieces will probably come off. But that is OK.


Once you have your half and half mixture, start painting your brick with your paintbrush. I would take it a little section at a time. Then use your old rag and wipe it some. It is going to go on much heavier than it will end up being. The brick absorbs a lot of the paint, but that is why I suggested testing it on a spare brick. Again, you can’t un-paint it. You can always add more paint.


Then just keep going. I took it about 2 – 3 bricks at a time. Our fireplace isn’t enormous, and this took me about 30 minutes. It was so easy, and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I really think it softened the look.




Have you tried whitewashing before? Or are you thinking about it?


Have a great day!


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    I’m always super nervous before I start any DIY project too, but never want to take the time to test things first either, haha. The whitewashing came out really fabulously! The whole fireplace is such an improvement!
    Chic on the Cheap

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