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I recently got a email asking me about my Hunter boots. And although I am no expert, I thought I might put together a little guide in case any of you were thinking about buying them (we are about to get into the spring shower season!)




I have 2 pair – the original tall gloss boots in Red and the original short matte boots in pink. And I love them both. In fact, I got my mom a pair and we just got my cousin a pair for Christmas. I highly recommend Hunter boots if you are looking for rain boots and think you will wear them more than once a year.


Fit : To me, they run pretty true to size.  They only come in whole sizes, so it can be a little tricky. I am an 8.5 but more on the 8/8.5 side, so I got an 8, which fit great. But if you are worried about them being small, I would size up. That way you have plenty of room to wear cute boot socks (I love the Hunter boot socks!) If you have issues with your calves and boots, then definitely go with the adjustable boots.


Comfort : I think they are super comfortable! They aren’t too heavy but they are sturdy enough that you don’t feel like they are going to give out on you. Also, my feet don’t get hot in them. Some rain boots can get really hot for some reason, but I haven’t had an issue with these.


Color : There are SO many colors to choose from! And I love them all. I have red and pink, but I am dying to get the mint green. My cousin got the grey, and those were gorgeous. Of course, you can’t go wrong with black  or army green. I also really love the baby pink.


Height : This is a personal preference to me. I love my short and tall ones! Most people get the tall ones, which is nice when it is really wet then your legs don’t get splashed if you walk through a puddle, but there is something really cute and easy about the short boots. Also the short ones are another good option for larger calves (they even have super short boots – the Chelsea).


Durability : I have had my red boots for about 3 years now, and they still look pretty much brand new. The good thing about rain boots is that you can just wash them off and they are good as new!


Price : I know that Hunter boots are expensive. But they are worth the money if you think you will wear them. If you don’t want to buy them full price, they do have some on sale (how cute is the peppercorn color??). Unfortunately they are often a brand that are excluded from sales, but you may can get them on sale during friends and family sales or around Black Friday.


So if you have been wanting Hunter boots, my suggestion is to go for it! They make rainy days so much cuter!


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    I think Hunter boots are a must if you live in a rainy climate! I begged my husband for a pair a while back and did receive them, but I quickly realized how impractical they were here in Phoenix! Ha! go figure.

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    I need a new pair of rainboots but really hate wearing anything above mid-calf, so I’ve been eyeing the chelsea pair. Buttttt…I cant decide if they’re worth the splurge for the Hunter brand or if I should go to Target haha. Hunter has WAY better colors though :)

    xo, Maddy

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