July Fitness Recap

J. Crew New Balance Work Out

Pants: J. Crew x New Balance; Shoes: New Balance; Tank: Under Armour


Another month has passed, and my fitness hasn’t progressed much. I talked about my knee problems in June (and in May). I am finally making some very small improvements, but it will be a while before I can get back to running and BBG.


For now, I am doing what I can, which isn’t a lot. I am doing light arms & abs workouts about 3 days a week and trying to walk a little. I am only walking about 0.25 mi right now just because I don’t want a set back, but I am happy to do that without pain. I hope to walk a little more this month!


So today I am sharing my easy arm workout. I have been doing 3 sets of 12 with 5lb weights (I use 5lb for BBG and it was all I had). I just bought 8 lb weights, so those will probably kill me. Maybe by the time my knee is in good shape, I will have great arms!


At Home Arm Workout


These are all exercises that use no knees at all which is what I have to do right now. I can’t wait add things like lunges and squats back in the mix! If I were able to use my knee, I would definitely add push ups to this. I am planning on also adding some bench presses to the mix as well soon. I have slowly added on exercises, since I am really trying to take it easy and not make my knee worse. I know these don’t involve my knee, but I just don’t want to take a step backwards!


I googled to make sure you could find these easily if you weren’t sure. The only thing I can’t find is the waitress pulls, which is something we used to to in my sculpt yoga class. You hold your arms out straight, fists up, at about a 45 degree angle. Then pull your arms in, elbows bent and pulled in tight to your side. Then straighten them out again and repeat.


How are your fitness goals going? Hopefully better than mine!


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    Good for you for at least working out consistently despite your knee! When do you think that will be heeled completely? I was doing pretty good with working out, but last week was a total bust! I do have an excuse though…kind of :)

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    Injuries are the worst. Depending on pain level, you could try a partial squat using a chair as a support. Step ups may be good too – find a low step or box! Calf raises and lying leg lifts could also work.

    I like the arm workout! If you get bored of it, try it on a stability ball. 😉

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