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If you follow me on Instagram (@nikkihodum), you might notice I do a lot of cooking, especially in my stories. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Sunday afternoons are devoted to cooking (read more about my Meal Prepping here). I am not big on eating out a lot, and I like to make healthy meals at home. We are just not the “pick up fast food for dinner” kind of people, although Friday night is pizza night at our house.


Needless to say, I have a LOT of kitchen utensils, gadgets, accessories, etc. And of course I have several things I would love to buy as well. So today is a mixture of my kitchen must haves plus a few things I would really like to have in my kitchen. A lot of the stuff I have is Martha Stewart from Macy’s (from when we got married), and I really love her kitchen products!




Pot / Cutting Boards / Mixing Bowls / Olive Oil and Vinegar Set / Pasta Pot / Mixer / Muffin Pan


When we got married, I registered for two of the Martha Stewart enamel cast iron pots. I have a round one and a very large oval one. And they are both fantastic! They have held up really well, and the large oval one is really great for making big pots of soup.


I have a lot of cutting boards. I am super funny about food, especially raw meat. I don’t like to touch it, and I am super weird about obsessively cleaning after I have done anything with meat. I don’t actually use each cutting board for its purpose (like meat for the meat one), I just grab whatever is clean and available. But I do love that these are thin and easy to clean (I have an older set but it is super similar).


I can never have enough mixing bowls! I have these Martha Stewart ones (but mine are older and pastel colors), and I love them. There are several sizes, they all stack into each other, plus you can put them in the microwave and dish washer.


I use Olive Oil & Vinegar a lot. I use olive oil in some way during most of my cooking, and I always dress our salads with olive oil & red wine vinegar. So mine is always sitting out. We have a set of holders and I love that they look nice sitting out on the counters! Mine are clear, but these are super cute!


If you cook a lot of pasta like I do, this pot is a game changer. My mom got one, and then she got me one because she loved it so much. The top has holes in it so when you drain the water, you don’t have to worry about a colander or anything!


The KitchenAid mixer is one of my wishlist items. I have a mixer, but it isn’t pretty like these. I never registered for one because it was WAY too expensive. I would love to have one sitting out on my counter, but I don’t really have the counter space, anyway. But apparently you can get a pasta roller and cutter attachment for it! How cool is that?


Silicon muffin pans are also on my wish list. I have some of the mini ones, but I also want the regular size ones. I make little omelet bites for my breakfast every week, and if I don’t put them in little muffin liners, they get stuck. With the silicon ones, they come right out with very little mess.


So those are some of my kitchen essentials + 2 wishlist items. What are some of your essentials?


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    I use cutting boards like they’re going out of style! I also love big measuring cups (like 4-6 cup size) for mixing pancake mix, cake mix, etc! It’s super easy to pour!

    Love your picks!!!

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    I’m the same way about meat. I heard a news story about raw chicken making people sick when I was a kid and it stuck with me. I bleach my counters after every cooking session that involves meat!

    I also have a TON of cutting boards and mixing bowls and yet never seem to have enough.

    My mom gifted me a KitchenAid Mixer and its the best thing I own in the kitchen.

    The other random appliance I use almost daily? My apple corer. I bought it for like $5 at TJ Maxx and it’s my most used item!

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