Living Room Before and After

Living Room Makeover


I am really excited to finally be showing off our completed (for now) living room! This is the first room in our fixer upper that is actually, really complete. A while back I posted about our fireplace redo, but today I am talking about the room as a whole.


Here is a look at what it looked like before:


Living Room Before


Living Room Before


Living Room Before


We had good bit of work to do in this room. Most of the work we did was on the fireplace. That was a huge project. After we completed that, fixed the enormous holes in the walls that were left from furniture banging into the walls, we painted and started putting the room together.


Living Room Makeover


The reason I said complete for now is because some day I plan on replacing the door and window with french doors that lead out to the backyard. Right now it is 1 working door, and the other side looks like a door but it doesn’t open. It is just windows. Charlie isn’t super thrilled about another living room project, but that one will be down the road. Although, in hind sight, I wish I had done it all at once.



Living Room Makeover


As much as I curse our house constantly, I really love our living room. I love the way the entry hall opens up into it, and that you can see my blue door from the living room. And I love the vaulted ceilings (even though that made painting impossible for us to do ourselves). And I love how open it all feels.


Living Room Makeover


All of our furniture is furniture we already had, and we were lucky that it all fit really nicely. It has taken me a really long time to get our furniture right. I’ve slowly added to it over time. And I finally convinced Charlie several years ago to let me add pink in with the navy and white.


Living Room Makeover


Living Room Makeover


I still haven’t figured out what to do on that upper ledge that is above the bookcases, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!


Here are a list of where some things came from:

Couch: IKEA

Chairs: IKEA

Rug: Caitlin Wilson

Pillows: Similar

Bookcases: Target

Curtains: My grandmother made them, but these are similar

Table by fireplace: Target

Bar cart: Ballard Designs


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    The living room looks amazing! The fireplace definitely was a big transformation and now it looks like it actually makes sense! the layout is really nice too, and the room looks so spacious. I can’t believe the original owners didn’t just make those french doors! How strange.
    That ledge is very odd, how does that wall work? Could you just remove the lower portion and turn it all into built-ins? Sheetrock over the ledge entirely? Fill the space with plants and a rolling ladder to water them? LOL.

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