March Fitness Recap

Happy Monday, everyone! Can you believe it is April already? Kind of crazy.


March Fitness

Sports Bra: Under Armour; Pants: Lululemon (similar)


Today I am sharing my March Fitness Recap. I am going to be completely honest – March was not a great month. I pretty much did the bare minimum. I really lacked motivation and focus this month. It was the anniversary of my grandmother’s death, and although it always weighs heavily on me, March was especially hard.


Don’t get me wrong – I worked out. I did all of my BBG workouts (actually I finished the 12 weeks towards the end of March!), but I did miss 2 cardio sessions. Also, I have really been trying to go above and beyond – yoga practice, arm weights, focusing on increasing my running. I didn’t do any of this. Like I said, bare minimum. Some months are like that, and I am not beating myself up too bad about it.


Now that the month of March is behind me, I am really focusing on my fitness again. I started BBG 2.0 last week, and I am super excited about that. I decided to do 2.0, then repeat 1.0 and 2.0 with heavier weights (I only use 5 lbs right now), as well as maybe adding in some more things to make it more challenging (especially the early weeks in 1.0, not that it isn’t still really hard!)


March Fitness 2


So here is a look at my March workouts:


Week 1:

Fri: BBG wk 9 abs  /  Sat: Run 3.1 mi / Sun: Run 3.1 mi

*Mon – Thurs were part of February


Week 2:

Mon: BBG wk 10 legs / Tues: Run 2.0 / Wed: BBG wk 10 arms / Thurs: Run 2.25 mi / Fri: OFF

Sat: BBG wk 10 abs / Sun: Run 3 mi


Week 3:

Mon: BBG wk 11 legs / Tues: OFF / Wed: BBG wk 11 arms / Thurs: Run 2.25 mi / Fri: BBG wk 11 abs

Sat: OFF / Sun: Run 3.1 mi


Week 4:

Mon: BBG wk 12 legs / Tues: OFF / Wed: BBG wk 12 arms / Thurs: Run 2.5 mi / Fri: BBG wk 12 abs

Sat: OFF / Sun: Run 3.1 mi

*End of BBG 1.0 12 weeks!


Week 5:

Mon: BBG wk 13 legs / Tues: Run 3.1 mi / Wed: BBG wk 13 arms / Thurs: Run 2.5 mi  / Fri: OFF


So it wasn’t a great month, but I did complete my BBG workouts (and finished BBG 1.0). I ran a total 30 miles, and I did increase my milage per run a little bit.


Next month will be better, right? I just need to stay focused and motivated.


How are you doing with your fitness goals? Anyone else need to be a little more motivated? Maybe we should start a group!


Have a great day!



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