My First Birchbox

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Twitter, this isn’t really news to you, but for the rest of you-  I GOT MY FIRST BIRCHBOX!!!  It was pretty much the best thing ever!  

When I read about the Gossip Girl themed Birchbox, I immediately signed up for the waiting list.  Then about 3 weeks later, I got my invitation.  I learned from the last time to sign up immediately.  So I did.  
I got an email last week that said my birchbox had shipped, and I was so anxious that when it didn’t arrive like 24 hours later, I decided my mail lady was jealous and stole it.  Apparently it takes more than a day for it to arrive…  But then on Monday, I went to my mailbox and there it was!  It was smaller than I had imagined (in my head the box was like shirt box size, which it isn’t) but it was still glorious!
I was a little nervous to open it just because I was so excited.  
Itsn’t everything so cute all wrapped up??
In my very first Birchbox, I got gold nail polish, some moisturizing cream, under eye cream (which I can’t wear but my mom immediately called dibs), volumizing shampoo and a Gossip Girl “XOXO” notecard.  Isn’t it adorable?  I was a little sad there wasn’t a bow headband in there, but thats OK.  
I promptly did a polish change – a -roo!
I really love mint and gold together, so I tried the whole “one finger is a different color” look for the first time.  I dig it!  
I know for a lot of you, you already get Birchbox, so my first one isn’t the most exciting thing, but WOW it was amazing.  I am already looking forward to next month!  Also looking forward to trying the rest of my new products!  
Now, who wants to be the one I send the note to? 


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