Why You Need Riding Boots

Why Riding Boots


If you are going to make an investment purchase for fall and winter, my suggestion is a pair of riding boots. If you don’t have a pair of riding boots, I challenge you to make this your year. They might just change your fashion game.


But I am telling you, splurge on these. There aren’t THAT many things that I am going to tell you that you must splurge on (read more about my splurge vs save thoughts here), but riding boots are an investment piece you will wear for years.


Let me tell you a story to try to convince you – 10 years ago, I saw a pair of amazing Coach boots in a magazine. They were probably close to $400, but I was young and had a lot of babysitting money, so I bought them. My mom thought I had lost my mind. She couldn’t believe I would spend so much on a pair of boots. Of course, when they arrived, she fell in love with them and threatened to steal them from me until I bought her a pair of Frye boots of her own. I still wear those exact same Coach boots to this day. That is 10 years of wear and tear, and let me tell you, I wear them a lot. At least twice a week from (depending on the temps) November – February.


So  if that wasn’t enough, here are a few reasons you NEED a pair of riding boots.



They are classics.


Why You Need Riding Boots



Why You Need Riding Boots




Why You Need Riding Boots



Sure, you could look at a ton of celebrities and models who are wearing riding boots today. But Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin were wearing riding boots years and years ago. Riding boots are classic pieces that never go out of style.


They go with just about anything.

Riding boots with a dress? Definitely. Riding boots with a skirt? Absolutely. Riding boots with jeans? Of course. Riding boots with leggings? Why not? They pretty much look good with anything.


They get better with age.

The leather is going to age, and if you take care of them, that leather is only going to look better. The more you wear them, the more of that yummy aged leather look you will get. Plus they will be more comfortable!


They are comfortable.

Riding boots are so comfortable. You don’t have to worry about a heel. They keep your legs nice and warm. Comfort + cuteness is key, my friends.



My suggestion would be to go for a simple, brown pair. Probably one of the best brands for riding boots is Frye. But there are several good ones out there (you can shop my picks below). Just don’t go trendy with these – remember, this is an investment piece you are going to be wearing for years.



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