October Fitness Recap

Fitness Recap


A quick health update – I have been going to physical therapy for the past 5 weeks (2x a week), and I am feeling better! If you don’t know, I have been having knee problems since April. When I met with my physical therapist, she evaluated me and believes that it is my hip that is the problem not actually my knee. Apparently your muscles can get knots in them, and I have really large knots in my quad muscles up by my knee, which is making the muscles super tight and putting so much pressure on my knee.


We have been doing a lot of strengthening and stretching, as well as some dry needling, which is kind of like acupuncture. They put a long, thin, flexible needle in trigger points in my hip and basically wiggle it around until I scream. It is really painful (if you have issues), but I think it has helped. Also the heating pad is my new best friend, and I definitely don’t hate it! I pretty much spend my evenings glued to it.


I’ve still got 5 more physical therapy session to go, but I am really hoping to be done after that. Obviously I will be taking my workouts really slow for a while, once I am able to start back.




One thing that I need to focus on in strengthening my glutes. My physical therapist told me it will help the front if the back is stronger.


I’ve done a quick at home arm workout, a quick at home ab workout, and a quick at home HIIT workout. Since I need to work on my glutes (when I get back to working out), I thought a quick at home leg workout would be good.


At Home Leg Workout


I can’t tell you how anxious I am to get back to exercising, even if it is just a little bit, which it obviously will be for a long time. Although at this point I am just happy that I am in a lot less pain and moving in the right direction. I can now clean my house without nearly being in tears by the end, and I can climb the stairs at work without almost screaming. I call that progress!


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    YES! I was just telling client how her back problems were likely not back problems, but an issue with her adductors and/or abductors. She went to the doctor and I was right. :) Muscles are weird like that. You’ll definitely see improvements if you strengthen the glutes – people tend to neglect them, and they can do some weird things to the rest of your body, especially for those of us forced to sit all day.

    Barre exercises are great for glutes, too! Tabletop movements are killer for base glutes!

    I’m glad you’re starting to feel better!

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