How To: Paint Your Front Door

How To Paint Your Front Door


Another Hodum Fixer Upper project has been marked off the list! A while back, I talked about how I wanted to paint our front door a bright, fun color. It was black and boring, and I felt like it made the front of our house that much darker (we have a lot of trees anyway). And we finally did it! If you watched my Instagram stories (@nikkihodum) a few weeks ago, you might have seen part of this 2 weekend long project.


We painted the inside and the outside of the door. The outside I instantly loved, but the inside did take some getting used to. I like white walls for everything, so painting the inside of the door was a little scary. But I also wanted to brighten up the room and make it a little more fun!


This was my inspiration for painting the inside:


The picture is linked to this website, but I don’t see the image anywhere…


Here is the before of the outside:

front door outside before

Side note – it is really hard to take pictures with the glass door.


And here is the before of the inside:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Our front door was in terrible shape on the outside – the surface was bubbled and rough. So we ended up having to strip the whole thing. This is what we did on weekend one.


How To Paint Your Front Door


We tried used a paint stripper, but it did nothing.


How To Paint Your Front Door


So we ended up having to use an angle grinder with a wire brush wheel to get all of the paint off.


How To Paint Your Front Door


The paint I used was called Blue Macaroon from Sherwin Williams from Lowe’s in a satin finish. I have a rug in my entry hall that is navy and teal, and I wanted something that would be a few shades lighter than the teal in the rug. It is bright enough that it makes an impact from the outside, but light enough that I am not totally overwhelmed on the inside. It also ties nicely into our living room.


Weekend Two was all about the painting. I used this tutorial from Sherwin Williams that shows you what to paint first. I don’t know if it really makes a difference, but I followed it because I didn’t want to have to do it again! I did 2 coats on the outside, but needed 3 coats on the inside. For some reason the white paint kept showing through.


So here is the after of the outside:


How To Paint Your Front Door


And here is the after of the inside:


How To Paint Your Front Door


During this project Charlie said something about the fact that if we lived in this house for a while, this probably wouldn’t be the last time we painted the front door. In the middle of painting he said, “Hey, what about navy?” I wanted to kill him. But for now I am really pleased and excited about the door! He really likes it too.


It really was a super easy and inexpensive project. The paint was about $30 for a gallon (and we only used about a quarter of it). The most expensive thing was that we had to replace the hardware. The lovely people before us apparently are the ones who painted the front door black (we found olive green underneath), and they just painted all over the hardware. I think we spent about $100 on the new hardware (which I don’t love, but we were limited in what we could get without Charlie having to drill new holes and it just wasn’t worth it to me). So if you don’t have to strip the door and don’t have to buy new hardware, you could do this for under $50 and most likely in one weekend.


Do you have a colorful front door? Or are you thinking about trying it?


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    I love love love it! I’m also thinking of painting my front door. We picked a fiberglass door that they were supposed to stain to “look like wood”. Well it ended up just being brown, ugh. So now I want a fun color instead!

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