Recipe: Chili

Chili Recipe


One of Charlie’s favorite things to eat when it starts to get cool is chili. He was so excited for me to make it for the first time this year. Someone about the first bowl of chili of the fall is so incredibly good.


I mentioned in my meatloaf recipe post that I have certain food things that I am really weird about. Chili is another one of those things. I don’t eat other people’s chili. I would NEVER order chili out in a restaurant. And I would never try making another basic chili recipe besides this one. There really isn’t any need because this one is SO good.


I believe this recipe was my grandmother’s recipe. My mom has been making it for as long as I can remember. Where it came from before then, I don’t know.


It is super easy to make, and even though it cooks for a little over an hour, you don’t actually have to do that much other than stir it every so often! Also, it only has 9 ingredients, and 2 of them are salt and pepper.


Chili Recipe



This recipe is for a mild chili, which is all I can handle. Charlie would probably like it even more if it was spicier. You can always get the spicier chili mix to kick up the heat. I use McCormick’s, but I am sure you could use any variety of chili mix. Just like with my meatloaf, I use ground turkey because I don’t eat beef. But you can always use ground beef if that is more your thing.


We like to top ours with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese. And of course have some saltine crackers to go with it too. Charlie really likes having a grilled cheese and dipping his grilled cheese in the chili, which really grosses me out, but I’ve gotten used to it.


Here is a link to the PDF recipe card.


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Are you excited it is chili weather? What is your favorite chili recipe?


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    Price dips his grilled cheese into the chili too! Haha hilarious! We heart making big batches at this time of year, too. Happy Thanksgiving/Christmas season!!! :)

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