Sick Day


Hi Friends, sorry for the silence on Friday but I got sick Thursday and hadn’t written or scheduled anything for Friday and I was WAY too sick to to work on anything.  So needless to say I had a really awesome long weekend which included not going to work Friday, fever, two doctors visits not leaving my bed and an allergic reaction to my antibiotic.  Beat that.

So since I did have a sick weekend, and I am still a little under the weather, I thought I’d take a look at being sick and chic, which I so was not.  I was frightening.  So this would be more for those “I’m a little under the weather, I’ll just stay home” instead of “I think I might be dying, someone call the priest” times…

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Also, I sadly won’t be having any outfit posts this week, since I didn’t think anyone would want to see me in my bed in my husband’s tshirt and sick.  You are welcome for that.  
Hope your weekend was WAY better than mine! 


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