Snowed In

This may be the snowiest winter I can remember.  Normally, we get a small dusting, maybe an inch, and the city shuts down.  Twice this year we have gotten more that 3 inches of snow.  YAY!

Now, for a snow day in pictures:
The snow started around noon.  Buddy waited at the window anxiously.

He pretty much watched the snow all afternoon, except when we went out.

The three of us bundled up and headed for a snow walk.

Husband was just happy his classes got canceled

Under all that snow is my car… I think.

The cars on the street were pretty much at a stand still. 
We headed to the park/ golf course across the street.
Buddy likes it because he gets to run around the golf course off leash

Playing with his dad.  It was so snowy I had a hard time taking pictures.

He loves the snow!

Such a happy pup.

And then Charlie fell down.  He said he did in on purpose, but I’m not so sure…

He rolled around in the snow a lot.

Charlie made snowballs and would throw them.
Then Buddy would go chase them, but normally lost them in all the snow

Buddy was really tired after our day in the snow.  We will probably go back out later today too.  
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    How fun. I actually wish I had some winter weather right now. While I was home in CO it didn’t snow a single time and of course “winter” in San Diego means a few rainy days. Enjoy the time off from work/school and playing with the pup!

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