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There are times when it makes sense to splurge on an item – one of those investment pieces that you know is absolutely worth the money. And there are other times when it is best to save on something, because why not?


But when do you splurge and when do you save? That amazing dress you saw in a fashion magazine … is it really worth spending half of your paycheck on? The answer is probably no. Unless that dress is maybe your wedding dress you are considering.


So I’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you decide if you should splurge on an item or look for a cheaper version at some place like Zara.


Keep in mind, the “splurge” and “save” are completely subjective here. Maybe splurging to you is $100. Maybe splurging is $300 or $500. On the other hand, maybe saving means you are spending $15 and not $100. But saving may be $100 (instead of $500) to you. That isn’t for me to decide. But I can tell you where you should spend those hard earned dollars and where you should save.


splurge v save


Splurge items are the ones that you are going to put your money into. They are the purchases that you need to put some thought in to. No one wants to make a split second big purchase and then realize 3 hours you made a HUGE mistake. Consider the math – if you spend a lot on it, but you wear it a ton, your price per wear is much lower, which makes it a great investment! And yes, I use this math reasoning all of the time with my husband!


splurge_ handbag


splurge_ shoes


splurge_ classics


splurge_ favorites


Most items you should probably save on. Again, the saving is subjective. No you probably shouldn’t spend $15 on a dress for your cousin’s wedding, but you may not want to fork over $400 for the dress you may only wear once. But there are a few that you should DEFINITELY save on.


save_ trends


save_ tshirts


save_ unsures


So these are my tips to keep in mind when you are trying to figure out when you should splurge and when you should save. The two things I would keep in mind are – how much are you going to wear it? And how does it make you feel?


Are there items you always splurge on? Or things you would never splurge on?


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    These are all such great tips! I need to learn to splurge a little better on the classic pieces…like a good pair of pumps. Instead I always tend to buy cheaper pairs that i go through like crazy. You’d think I would have learned by now. One day :)

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    I couldn’t agree more!! Especially with t-shirts. I’m extremely cheap when it comes to them, I’ve found no matter what amount of money I spend on them, they still only last a short time. One of these days I’m going to splurge on a classic pair of pumps!

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    I think bags are good to splurge one, but for me it has to be practical and a neutral color. That way I KNOW I’ll use it forever and get a lot of use out of it.

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    100% agree with you here! My splurge item is definitely handbags. I just bought the Louis Vuitton speedy and I use it everyday, and I know I’ll use it for years to come too :)


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    This is so great!! I definitely use your same math. If I pay $100 for a dress, but I wear it 50 times, it was only $2 a wear. But if I buy a $30 dress and only wear it twice, $15 a wear is kind of expensive!

    Such great tips, as always! :) XO!

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