Spotlight: Julie Brown

Happy Wednesday!  And welcome to another edition of Spotlight!  I don’t know about you, but I have really been enjoying learning more about these amazing, talented people and getting to introduce you to some people that maybe you haven’t heard of.  

So I have another incredible designer for you today

Julie’s collections are comprised of classic silhouettes, but loaded with color and fun prints.  Her designs range from everyday wear to evening out dresses. 

How did you get started?
I made envelope clutchs out of fabrics I found in the garment center and then I needed something to wear for my husbands Birthday party so I took a piece of silk and made a halter outof it..everyone wanted it!!

What is your favorite part of your job?  
That I get to be creative everyday!

What are the biggest challenges?
I have to be a jack of all trades. I want sometimes to just design but I have to think like a business person ALWAYS!

What inspires you?  And where do you look for inspiration? 
Honestly, the world around me, I am inspired but everyday life and all the different people in the city, architecture and color are huge sources of inspiration as well.

What is your favorite thing in your closet?
Black leggings!

What are some of your favorite trends right now?
I love anything that is preforated because it can look great with with nothing under it and very rocker or it can be with a bright color underneath and worn as more feminine lace feeling.

Here are some of my favorites from the collection:

Thanks so much to Julie for taking the time to talk to me!  Make sure to check out all of Julie’s collections on her website.  You currently can’t purchase on the Julie Brown website, but they are working on their e-commerce now.  I personally cannot wait! 

*All images thanks to Julie Brown  


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