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In August, I wrote about my top 10 wardrobe staples every woman needs in her closet. And every month I am highlighting one of those staples, and telling you WHY you need it. This month’s staple is a great handbag.


A nice handbag is a key piece to any woman’s wardrobe. Now, some women are handbag ladies, like some women are shoe ladies. Maybe you have one bag you carry all of the time, maybe you have lots of bags and you like to change them out all of the time. Either way, you need to have at least one bag that is your go to, work in just about any situation, always a classic kind of bag.


As a staple piece, your handbag needs to be an investment. You don’t need to run out and buy a Louis Vuitton, but you also don’t need to get it from Target (even though Target has super cute bags… just not for this purpose). You can tell a good quality handbag from a poor one, and in this case, you want something good quality.


The size should be what you are comfortable with – if you like small bags, go for something smaller. If you need a bigger bag, go bigger. As for the shape, go with what you really like. I would pick a more classic shape – a shoulder bag or a tote or a crossbody (that has a shorter strap option as well). I would also go with a neutral color – black, brown, camel. If there is a color you really love and would wear with everything, like red, then maybe you want to go for that, but in general I would stick to a neutral.


Staple - Handbag


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My personal favorite brand for handbags is Kate Spade. My black bag is really similar to number one. I also might have it in mint green & a pinky purple… The cut and size are perfect. I know they are expensive, but you can get really great deals during their surprise sales and every so often they will have a bag crazy on sale for 1 day on facebook (that is how I got my mint green and black bag).


So do you have a staple handbag?


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    I really love the shape of #6 – that is my go-to style, I think because I love all the strap options and I like a size that isn’t teeny tiny so I don’t have to play tetris to get my stuff in, but not so huge that I’ll unnecessarily end up lugging around library books.

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