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Jeans Staple


In August, I wrote about my top 10 wardrobe staples every woman needs in her closet. And every month I am highlighting on of those staples, and telling you WHY you need it. This month’s staple is a good pair of jeans.


I’m starting this post with a story about why investing in a good pair of jeans is important. Neither my mom nor my aunt had ever really invested in a good pair of jeans. And at different times I convinced them to invest in a pair and what a difference it makes. A few weeks ago, we got on the subject of jeans, and they both were talking about what a difference it made when they made that investment, how much better those good jeans fit them, and how they have lasted. The moral of the story is good jeans are worth the money.


You can just tell when someone is wearing a cheap pair of jeans. They don’t fit right, especially if you have any sort of curves. They stretch out really fast, and then they just sag for most of the day.


It is more important to invest in ONE pair of good jeans that really fit you than to have many pairs of jeans. Quality over quantity, just like all staple pieces. Sure, go buy a few cheap, trendy pairs. But for a nice pair, invest in a good fitting pair that look good on you.


As for the cut, it really depends on your body and what you feel best in. Whether you feel best in skinny jeans, boot cut, high rise, it is all really up to you. But if you are putting the money in to them, make sure you are really happy with them. For the wash, I would go with what you like, but I would stay in the medium wash area. Don’t go super light (because then they don’t translate to dressy as well), and I wouldn’t go super dark either. And don’t go with super distressed ones either. I don’t think those work well for the office on casual Fridays. You want a pair that will work for a lot of different occasions.


The good news is you can do a whole lot with one pair of jeans – dress them up, wear them for casual Friday, hang out in them on the weekend, wear them for a date night.


Staple Jeans


The jeans I chose are the 9″ toothpick jeans from J. Crew. I have a pair of J. Crew jeans and I like the way they fit. You can shop more jean picks at the bottom of the post.


Staple Jeans

Blazer / Shirt / JeansBooties

Jeans and a blazer is a great look in general, but especially for the office. The combo is super classic and tailored. You could easily throw on a pair of heels to make the look a little dressier.



Staple Jeans

Shirt / Jeans / Shoes / Necklace

Jeans + fancy top + fancy shoes = perfect date night look. The lace top makes it a little sexier, and those shoes are amazing. Top the look off with a sparkly necklace and you are ready to go.



Staple Jeans

Sweater / Jeans / Scarf / Shoes


Running errands never looked so good. Pair your jeans with a cozy sweater, scarf and sneakers and you are good to go for a day of errands, a movie with friends or a lunch with mom.


So now that I have told you all the wonderful things about jeans, I have a confession – I am not a jeans girl. I have several pairs, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore jeans. I am just not comfortable in pants in general (besides leggings). So, if you are like me and not into jeans, I suggest a jean skirt. This one is super cute and versatile.


And you can shop the top look here.



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