Striped Lilly Dress + After Party Sale

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale


It is hard to believe, but it is time for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale again! This is a huge deal. Have some money you got for Christmas? Now is a good time to spend it! Lilly Pulitzer only goes on sale twice a year (January and August) for a very limited time (2-3 days), so now is the time to buy Lilly. This year, the sale is tomorrow, January 3rd and Thursday, January 4th.


Navy White and Pink Dress


I got this dress during the sale last time, and I love it. It works for summer or winter, and it is really soft.


If you have never shopped the sale before, it is quite an experience… These are a few of my tips for shopping the sale:


1. Be Prepared

The sale goes live at 8 am EST. You get on the website and are placed in a virtual waiting line. They only let so many people shop the sale at once. Do not refresh the page, or you will be put at the end of the line again. The website WILL go down (it always does), and there is a really good chance you will have to wait several hours. Just hang in there. You will get in. Pull up the site, get in line, and go about your business. Don’t be surprised if you have 20,000 in line in front of you. But DO NOT refresh the page!!


2. Get what you want and check out

Time is of the essence. Things sell out SO FAST. Like, in minutes fast. Just because you have it in your cart does NOT mean it is yours. And there is very limited stock so get what you really want, and then check out quickly. My method – when I first get in, I look at the dresses. I take a quick look around, check out with my top picks, then I get back in line for a more leisurely look (but not too leisurely).


If you don’t have an account already, go ahed and set one up. Get your payment option loaded. This will make for much quicker check out.


3. Shop Often

They add new items to the sale throughout the day. So make sure to check back often for more items! A lot of times they post on social media when new items are added. But they go fast too! I honestly probably get on the site 20 times just to look.


4. Have fun!

This is supposed to be fun (and yes it is also stressful). Try to have fun. Don’t get mad. So many people get mad and go crazy on social media. Just relax.


5. When in doubt, buy it

This may sound a little crazy but if you aren’t sure, buy it. Surely if it doesn’t work for you it will work for someone you know (or what a great gift it would make!). It won’t be there long, so if you think you might want it, buy it.


Also, remember that sales are final. And one other thing – sometimes a style will be on sale, but not all the print options of that style are on sale (but still available). Just make sure what you are buying is actually on sale. One time I bought a dress that one print was on sale and one wasn’t. Naturally I bought the one that wasn’t on sale. I kept it anyway because I loved it.


Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale


A few items to look out for –

I love the Elsa tops. There are usually several prints available during the sale, but they sell out fast.


The popovers are hugely popular and amazing. I don’t have a popover (it is on my wishlist & hopefully I get one this time!) but I did get a full zip jacket last year and I love it.


Dresses – the dresses are the best for the summer. Now is the best time to stock up. One of my favorite cuts is the Essie dress.


I suggest taking a minute to look at the site now, before the mad dash, and take note of any styles or prints that you really love. Then keep your eye out during the sale for them.


Navy White and Pink Winter Outfit

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (similar); Vest: Lilly Pulitzer (similar); Scarf: similar; Boots: Coach (similar)


I’ll be posting more about the sale, all of my favorites and what I get on Facebook and Twitter, so if you want more on the sale, follow me there.


Will you be shopping the Lilly Pulitzer sale? If so, is there anything on your wishlist?


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    I do like Lilly, but sometimes I just don’t get the craziness. Last year there was a dress I’d been lusting over all summer. I signed on to the site right at the start of the sale and only had to wait about 10 minutes. The dress I wanted was part of the sale, so I was pretty happy. But otherwise I’m not one to frantically shop a final sale sale. I like the comfort of knowing I can return something, haha.
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