Summer Sale Shopping

Summer Sale Shopping

Skirt: J. Crew; Shirt: Nordstrom; Shoes: Draper James 

I love when the stores start getting the next season’s clothes in. Not because of the new items, although I obviously love to see everything new that is coming out, but because of the amazing sales that happen on all the things the stores are trying to get rid of to make room for the next season! And you still have PLENTY of time to wear it, especially if you live in the south because, let’s face it, it is going to be hot for several more months.


I’ll be honest, the end of the season is when I make a several purchases. It is a great time to buy pieces that you know you will wear now, transition into the next season with, and then wear next year. So why not take advantage of these great sales?



There are a few summer pieces I think you should consider purchasing now that the sales are going on.



Dresse / Sandal / White Jeans / Bathing Suit / T-Shirt


If you are planning on stocking up for next year, I wouldn’t go too trendy because you know what is super popular now won’t be popular next summer. But if it is a really great deal and you plan on wearing it to death now, then definitely go for it! Like I said, we have plenty of time to rock our summer clothes still.


Also, keep in mind the great transition pieces that you can start wearing now and then transition to fall. The main thing to remember is it is all about what you pair the summery items with. You can make just about anything work for fall, especially early fall, if you pair it with more fall-ish pieces. But we will be coming back to that later.


Here are a few of my favorite items on sale in each of these categories.


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    You look adorable I almost picked up that skirt, I’m trying to ignore all the sale and stop buying Summer stuff although it will be hot for the next few months here.


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