Tuesday Shoesday Week #2

I had some trouble finding this week’s Tuesday Shoesday pick.  I thought I had the perfect one, but it turned out to be on sale and there wasn’t even my size, so what is the fun in that???

So I searched and searched and I saw lots of really cute shoes- shoes that will be perfect for upcoming posts, but nothing just spectacular enough for Tuesday Shoesday.  ‘Cause if it is a Tuesday Shoesday shoe, it better be pretty darn awesome.

And then I found it.  Meet Week #2 Pick!


This beautiful baby is from Bettye Muller, one of my fave shoe designers!  Her shoes are gorgeous, comfortable, classic and always a little different than the average lovely shoe.  It has everything I am loving right now-  wedge heel, colorblocking, and pink  :)
What is your pick for Tuesday Shoesday? 


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